"Dragon Ball Super" ended in March, but fans are really looking forward to watching the film based on the series. "Dragon Ball Super" movie is releasing in December. The trailer for the film is brilliant, enthralling, and exciting. Akira Toriyama has written the script of the film and also worked on the characters in it. One can expect a number of new characters in the film as it will focus on the history of the Saiyans. It is worth noting that the Universe Survival arc was ended on March 25 with Android 17 and Universe 7 [VIDEO]'s win in the Tournament of Power.

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The upcoming 'Dragon Ball' movie

Talking about the film, Yamoshi is expected to be the focus point of the film. According to Okatukart, "Yamoshi the first Super Saiyan and first Super Saiyan God, might also be the first legendary super Saiyan." Apart from this, the new Saiyan seen in the trailer is a frozen Saiyan from the Universe 7, who was sleeping for ages and has now woken up to fight back against Goku.

And now the fans have got one more clue about the film. But according to one fan, the tagline in the trailer ''Earth Has Goku'' may actually celebrate Goku [VIDEO] and his powers, but this cannot be considered to be the biggest clue so far. The fact that there might be continuity in this sentence adds more value to the clue and this has excited all of us and the entire Dragon Ball canon is looking forward to some more revelation.

For the beginners, the film will not only highlight Saiyans and their history but will also involve us with the Saiyan's homeworld and how their destruction took place. Not only this, but the creator of the show, Akira Toriyama, and others have also revealed that the film will be giving much-needed attention to Freeza, and he will play a noteworthy role in the film.

The film will also reveal the origin of the very first Super Saiyan God.

The trailer

Everything we saw in the trailer so far looks quite interesting, especially as it promises to take us in the history of the show. As said, the movie will begin from where the show ended and is been scripted on those lines. Akira Toriyama has done a lot to the movie for his contributions to the script. The film will see Goku in an action-packed avatar, but, more details about the Saiyans and other characters are yet to revealed by the creators. Until then, we can only speculate and try to point out something by watching the trailer of the film again and again. Stay tuned for more "Dragon Ball Super" news and updates.