"Dragon Ball Super's" final episode is done and fans were super excited to witness the ultimate match between Universe 7 and Universe 11. But after the end of the show, fans are actually wondering whether the show will have a comeback with a new arc or not. Well, the answer for this was sort of given in Episode 131 of the show, where Son Goku was seen revealing that he would return, and this opened the doors to many assumptions and I'm really waiting for a final say on this.

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A report by ComicBook presented most of the information used in this article.

The last episode of the 'Dragon Ball Super'

At the end of "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 131 [VIDEO], Omni-Kings asked Son Goku about his return, to which he replied with a "yes." So, with all this, we certainly can expect the show to make a comeback soon.

In the past, creator of this Japanese anime, Akira Toriyama, had also mentioned in an interview that the show is just going to end for "the time being" and maybe that means fans can expect something more massive than before. In fact, Toei Animation has also confirmed this by saying that there are more tales to weave about the Dragon Balls and there's so much left to show and say. It was surely one of the most memorable episodes of the show.

We all love "DBS," and now, to make us even happier, the show is going to have its own movie as well. Yes, according to ComicBook the show is being adapted into a movie. In fact, the film's first official poster has also been revealed by Toei Animation [VIDEO] and the poster showed Son Goku on a plain white background. Not only this, but the animation company also slipped in a few details about the movie and further revealed that it's not merely going to be a prequel to the film, but the events in the film will also continue after the Universal Survival Arc ends.

A new character

The new "Dragon Ball" movie is expected to feature a character more powerful than Jiren. The hint regarding this character was given in "Xenoverse 2." "It would also be prudent to remember that there could be someone much stronger than Jiren out there," Whis said. However, that character has not been revealed.

With this, one thing is clear, that the movie is going to be super fun and entertaining to watch. It will unveil new stories about the Universal Arc and we, of course, will get to see more of Goku. And to amuse us further, the name of the movie has also been titled after the show. Apart from this, the makers are also trying to do something with "Dragon Ball Super's" new arc. We just have to wait to see what happens on December 14, when the movie comes out for real. Stay tuned for more "Dragon Ball Super" updates.