"Dragon Ball Super" Universe Survival arc recently ended. Talking about the upcoming movie, it will be based on the Saiyans. The film will be talking about the origin and history of Saiyans and will focus on their powers, transformation, and enemies. And the movie has been in the news for quite a long time now. In fact, the anime just ended a couple of weeks ago, and the news about its future series is already here. Well, as we know the video games of these anime reveal a lot of spoilers and a possible spoiler has now been revealed through these games.

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The movie

The movie is coming this year, but the creators of the show have also confirmed that the anime will continue. The Universe Survival arc is said to end for the time being and not permanently.

Not only this, but the creator of the show — Akira Toriyama also dropped a teaser of the series which said that the episode would continue right where it ended this time, which is from the climax of Tournament of Power [VIDEO]. And the series will also inform us more about Freeza and the Saiyans, and the perspective is yet be shaped and decided.

But irrespective of everything, we are sure that the series and movie will be exciting, and the creator of this anime also said that the series has just ended for the time being and will hopefully make a comeback soon. We will even get to see some universal arc characters.

Character powerful than Jiren

A possible spoiler was portrayed in "Dragon Ball's" "Xenoverse 2". Reports suggest that there's someone stronger and powerful than Jiren. It also suggests that a character more powerful than Jiren exists in the 12 universes [VIDEO].

And now we're thinking who possibly could that character be? The details about this new villain are still unknown to us, but speculations suggest that the new villain will be revealed in the upcoming "Dragon Ball Super" movie.

The movie will be based on the series and will start from the Tournament of Power and will highlight Frieza and Saiyan race in a detailed way. With all these things, one thing is sure that fans should watch the film this year since it will reveal things that we possibly don't know and who knows some new characters might be introduced as well. Akira Toriyama has written the script of the film and the characters. The movie will release on December 12, 2018.

Aren't you excited after knowing about all this? Tell us about it and your favorite Saiyan from the "Dragon Ball" Superseries. Stay tuned for more news and updates on "Dragon Ball Super."