The upcoming animated film titled “Dragon Ball Super” will feature a new breed of Saiyans that the fandom has almost forgotten according to Akira Toriyama. March 25, the last episode of the TV series under the Universe Survival Arc aired.

Since then, fans have not seen any fresh installments from Toei Animation, aside from the English dub. However, it appears that the team is not yet done hyping things up.

Aside from the latest update from the official website of the movie, a new translated comment from Torima-san reveals many things. One of these is the involvement of a different breed of Saiyans.

Latest update

The animated movie “Dragon Ball Super” is bound to release in December 2018 in Japan.


However, since it was revealed in February, fans have been talking about it incessantly. As revealed on the official website, Akira Toriyama, the creator of the fan-favorite franchise disclosed many things about the film. He underlines that the movie will feature the unexplored story of the Saiyans and Lord Frieza. This was further supported by the movie’s first-ever trailer.

For the first time, fans have seen Son Goku in a refreshing look after his epic battle in the Tournament of Power. The trailer showed him wearing his legendary orange Gi and holding his red Power Pole. The pole was first introduced in the Z series when the fan-favorite Saiyan was still a kid. Interestingly, his opponent was also shown in the video.


However, the identity of the character is not yet fully revealed. Several shots are seen showing the character’s eyes, hands, his build, and surprisingly, his tail.

This triggered fans to speculate that Son Goku might be facing a kind of Saiyan that is different from what the fandom has known. In the franchise, the Saiyans are hailed as a powerful fighting race that fights ferociously as the battle intensifies. They look like ordinary humans but have different transformations and powers. The trailer showed a tailed Saiyan, which implies many things. This includes the possibility that it could be ancient and of a different breed or type.

Other details

While Son Goku, Vegeta, Cabba, Kale, and Caulifla are all Saiyans, they no longer have tails.


Fans have seen tailed Saiyans during the Z era. This coincides with Toriyama-san’s statement that the movie will explore the story of Frieza and the Saiyans. It is possible that it will travel as far back as the start of the rivalry of these two. Will fans see a flashback in the movie? Will the animated movie involve time-travel? These are just some of the questions that the fans would like to be answered. Meanwhile, you can check out the latest trailer for the “Dragon Ball Super” movie below to see for yourself the tailed opponent that Son Goku will face.