A new set of interesting details related to the upcoming animated movie titled “Dragon Ball Super” have been recently disclosed. The information came directly from one of the tops guys in the production team. It appears that this massive revelation will give fans the idea of when exactly in the timeline of the franchise the movie will take place. Several days ago, fans were surprised when the team behind the movie released the first-ever trailer showing Son Goku in an unknown place.

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This further triggered speculations about the time and the setting of the film. With the latest information, it seems that some pieces of the puzzle are slowly being pieced in place.

Latest official details

The official website of the upcoming movie “Dragon Ball Super” has been recently updated and the first article containing the interview [VIDEO] with DB Room Chief Akio Iyoku is now up. The interview is part of the “DB Movie Frontline.” This will serve as the roadway of new information on the upcoming animated film. In addition, this will contain interviews with staff and cast. The revelation from Chief Iyoku is written in Japanese text and is translated into English by the ever-reliable anime content creator and Herms.

On his official Twitter account, Herms shared that the Chief revealed that the upcoming animated film will have a multilayered story. This story has parts that are set in the past, present, and in multiple settings. Iyoku-san also shared that legendary creator Akira Toriyama delivered more than 20 sheets of designs for the movie.

This morsel of information about the settings is very interesting since it could imply a potential flashback in the present day scene. It is also possible that a time-travel might play an essential part based on the Chief’s statement highlighting multiple settings.

Toriyama’s comments

The Chief’s revelation could also shine a light on the early speculation of a new Saiyan character that was frozen in ice. It also links to the comments made by Toriyama-san on the official website [VIDEO] about the origins of the Saiyans, which could include the story of the first-ever Super Saiyan in the franchise. It will also connect to Toriyama’s revelation that the movie will feature Frieza’s relationship with the warrior race.

Other details

The much-awaited movie “Dragon Ball Super” is expected to hit theaters in Japan on December 14, 2018. Many fans are hoping that the animated film will have a simultaneous global release. However, this is yet to be officially confirmed.