The successful anime TV series “Dragon Ball Super” has temporarily left the airwaves and made many fans sad. The show left a gaping hole in the usual weekend routine of the fans. However, it appears that the fan-favorite anime will soon be back before the year ends through a movie. Right now, clues are still scarce about the plot, setting, and important characters of the upcoming film. Interestingly, Toei Animation has gradually released several bits of information to the fandom.

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While the details are trickled in small pieces, many fans try to extract everything from it to find valuable clues. One of these is the latest leak, which many people believe reveals a lot about the mysterious Saiyan character in the upcoming anime film.

Latest information

Several days ago, Japanese fans of “Dragon Ball Super” uploaded an image to their Twitter accounts. The picture was picked by popular anime content creators and was shared online. It is a leaflet given to moviegoers in Japan hyping the upcoming anime film. The details in the leaflet are similar to the first-ever movie poster that was recently released. However, many fans took a special interest in the image of a tailed Saiyan [VIDEO]. The character appears to be imprisoned in the ice and what is perceptible is his silhouette.

Many fans speculate that the character could be an ancient Saiyan who was imprisoned in ice ages ago. There are several theories claiming that the character that was shown in the trailer of the movie belongs to the universe that was restored through Android 17’s wish during the Tournament of Power.

At present, the prevailing speculation is that the tailed Saiyan could be from Universe 6 or Universe 13. Fans are quite familiar with Universe 6 since it is home to the Planet Salada which houses the Saiyans. However, Universe 13 is still unknown and the only information that is available is that it was one of those universes that were erased by the Omni-King.

Other details

Aside from the speculation of being frozen in ice for ages, Goku’s new opponent seems to exude a green aura. In the trailer, it was shown that while the fan-favorite Saiyan is preparing himself for an upcoming battle, his opponent is also gearing up. The tailed character [VIDEO] has a green aura glowing outside his body. What could his power be? Did he really come from Universe 13 or Universe 6? What could be the reason for his awakening? Why is Son Goku on the icy tundra? Is the location still on Earth or is it in the Frozen Land?

These are just some of the questions that fans would like to get answers to. But for now, with the scarcity of information revealed for the upcoming movie “Dragon Ball Super,” fans will have to look beyond and dig deeper to get more information.