Fans are hyped for the upcoming "Dragon Ball Super: The Movie." Many are always looking forward to the next update for details about the exciting film. Apart from the trailer, posters and leaflets were also released which makes fans even more excited. It is also good to know that the movie already has a release date. This means that the anime's fandom really has something to look forward to.

Movie leaflets

Recently, Twitter user @kamesenryugoku shared an image of the leaflets distributed in Japan.


According to him, he received the flyer while going to the movie theater. It shows Goku wearing his orange Gi while holding the magical red pole. This is the same picture that is seen on the first poster of the movie.

The leaflet also does not bear new information about the film. But the uploader said that it is promising for fans around the globe. Although the photo of Goku with a white background isn't new, there is one thing that fans noticed on the leaflet. A silhouette of a tailed warrior is featured on it. When we look at its build and hair, it appears to be another Saiyan.

Tailed Saiyan

Who could this be? This could be a new character or someone that we have seen in the franchise. But for now, we do not have any idea about the character. To recall, the last tailed Saiyan was featured on "Dragon Ball GT" when Goku transformed to Super Saiyan 4. But this might not matter because it is considered as canon.


If this is the case, will the creators of the anime use the tail-based transformation again? Or is this is just a new Saiyan who comes with a tail?

Apart from that, a Saiyan was featured on the trailer for the "Dragon Ball Super: The Movie." There is a possibility that this is the same warrior as the one on the leaflet. The opponent of Goku on the trailer has a green aura which is something new for Saiyans. We will find out more about this once the movie is released on December 14, 2018.

More theories

Since the movie is about the origin of the Saiyans, this character featured on the leaflet could be someone from the past.

This would involve the first Saiyan, Yamoshi. Some are saying that the tailed Saiyan is Yamoshi especially that no known Saiyan from Universe 6 and 7 bears a tail.

Another thing that fans want to see is how Goku will fight with the Saiyan. If this warrior is as powerful as Jiren or more powerful than the Universe 11 warrior, then Goku might need to use Ultra Instinct again. This will make the upcoming "Dragon Ball Super Movie" more interesting.