Dragon Ball Super” has left a gaping hole in the hearts of its fans. After the last episode of the Universe Survival Arc, it temporarily paused airing fresh TV installments every weekend. However, Toei Animation is not yet done with the popular franchise. This summer, a mobile game that will feature the best fighters from different timelines of the series will debut. In addition, a new upcoming animated movie with the same title as the recently concluded series will hit the theaters before the year ends.

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These somehow eased the sadness fans felt as it gives them hope. It also keeps them occupied looking for more clues about the movie that the team behind it has tried to keep tight under wraps.

Movie slogan

The official website of the upcoming anime movie “Dragon Ball Super” has recently made several changes including Son Goku. His old background used to be white but with the latest tweak, he can now be seen standing on top of a snow-capped hill or mountain. There is also the slogan “Earth has Goku,” which captures the inquisitiveness of the fandom. Some fans pointed out that the tagline could be a celebration of the Saiyan’s heroism and power.

While this could be true, it appears that there is much more to the short tagline than this. In philosophy, a sentence like this always carries a secondary statement [VIDEO]. It is possible that the next statement could be the name of the character and the planet or the universe it represents. The words that will fill in place of the character and its planet could be the biggest revelation that fans could get about the movie at this point.

It will, in a way, give away some more clues on the plot of the movie. For now, this will remain as the biggest mystery among the fans. However, knowing the kind of fans the franchise has, it will just be a matter of time that this will be uncovered.

Other details

The upcoming anime film, according to the creator Akira Toriyama, will be the continuation of the TV series. The legendary artist revealed that it will feature Frieza and the origins of the Saiyans. The latest movie trailer already revealed Son Goku’s opponent. Many fans believe that the fan-favorite Saiyan will face a tailed character from a different timeline [VIDEO]. Others claim that he could have been revived through the wish made by Android 17 during the Tournament of Power.

The anime film “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to hit theaters in Japan on December 14, 2018. There are speculations that there will be a simultaneous worldwide release. However, this information has yet to be officially confirmed.