One thing that "Dragon Ball Super" proved to its fans is the existence of other Saiyans from Universe 6. Aside from Goku, Vegeta, and their sons, there are more, from their race, who also have the capability of powering up into Super Saiyans. But it appears that there are actually more Saiyans that fans already know about. And these will be featured in the upcoming "Dragon Ball Super" movie.

Toei Animation has revealed that the movie will focus on the origins of the Saiyans and also their strengths.


Although fans are already aware of Yamoshi, the first Saiyan, there is a more interesting story behind the Saiyan race. And this is expected to be revealed in the movie.

Who is Goku's powerful opponent?

The trailer for the "Dragon Ball Super" movie shows Goku, in an icy mountain, preparing to fight another Saiyan. The fighter appears to be a new character since he has not been seen in the anime yet. But other fans are saying that it could be Broly, Bardock, or Yamoshi. There are also theories that this is Shallot, a new Saiyan character in the "Dragon Ball Legends" game.

However, Shallot is wearing blue and has a smaller build than the warrior in the trailer.

Meanwhile, anime website Otakukart believes that the Saiyan could be Yamoshi. The legendary warrior first turned into a Super Saiyan when he, along with his friends, was cornered. Due to his desire to fight and protect everyone, Yamoshi transformed into the Super Saiyan form.

Because the power is new to him, he died due to exhaustion. However, it is said that Yamoshi's soul still lives and he is still searching for a pure-hearted Saiyan who will be the Super Saiyan God. There is a possibility that this is Son Goku and if this storyline is correct, it would be included in the movie.


More theories

The upcoming "Dragon Ball Super" movie will not just feature the good-hearted Saiyans who are ready to protect others. There are also bad ones who may have a more malignant objective. With that, there could be many Saiyan versus Saiyan fights in the movie. It would be interesting to see what techniques they will use to bring each other down as they have the same powers.

Another fan theory that could possibly be seen in the film is the planet where Goku's opponent comes from. He could not be from Universe 6 since he came from that universe, he would be part of the Tournament of Power.

To recall, Android 17 wished for the restoration of all erased universes. This means that not only the universes erased during the tournament were restored, but Universe 13-18, which were deleted by Zen-Oh before, were also revived.

Analyzing the pairing of the universes, it showed that Universe 6, 7, and 13 could have Saiyans in them. This means that the warrior in the "Dragon Ball Super" movie trailer could be part of Universe 13. What will happen once the Saiyans fight each other? Fans need to wait for the movie's release on December 14, 2018.