"Dragon Ball Super" was clearly a hit show and now the series is all set to continue on the big screen in the form of a movie. As we know, the movie is going to release in December and the trailer for the movie is already out. In fact, Goku who is our favorite was also the most famous Saiyan in the series, but apart from Goku, there are many more Saiyans in "Dragon Ball Super [VIDEO]." And in the upcoming movie, we will actually meet new Saiyans and understand their power, arcs, and their origin.

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Meanwhile, according to ComicBook, a new poster of the movie has been recently released. "The poster features the exact same picture of Goku, as the newly redesigned Saiyan stands in his orange Gi."

Saiyan based movie

Toei Animation has released an official statement where they mentioned that Saiyans are the main theme of the film.

They will further explore more Saiyans and other warriors from different universes. In the "Battle Of Gods," we saw Goku's transformation from Super Saiyan God to Super Saiyan Blue and he further transformed in different universes. So keeping this in mind, the makers have come up with the thought of keeping the movie about the Saiyans. Not only this, but the movie might also introduce us to New Saiyan races and we have already seen Goku fighting with an unfamiliar Saiyan in the trailer, so the introduction of new Saiyans will be another highlight of the film.

Yamoshi, the focus of the movie

Now talking about that main unfamiliar Saiyan, reports have suggested that it might actually be Yamoshi - the first person to evolve as a Super Saiyan. In fact, not only Yamoshi but also his five fighter friends will be in the movie.

In the past, Yamoshi transformed into Super Saiyan to fight against his enemies. But sadly, he died of exhaustion, but his soul was alive and was seeking a perfect and pure-hearted Saiyan.

We will get to see Yamoshi on screen for the first time and will also get to know more about him and his friends. Yamoshi and his gang are known for fighting strongly against the bad Saiyans. So one thing is confirmed, that we will also get to see the traits of their enemies in a very peculiar manner. But Yamoshi's appearance in the film is still not confirmed and if that's not Yamoshi in the trailer, then it might be a Saiyan [VIDEO] from some another universal arc. However, we have to wait for further announcements and the movie to see how the events will introduce new Saiyans to the film. Stay tuned for more "Dragon Ball Super" movie updates.