Like every month, the new manga drawn and directed by Toyotaro has come to light. This time, the "Dragon Ball Super" manga continues showing the Tournament of Power saga, where 8 of the 12 existing universes fight in a duel for survival.

The team from Universe 7, where Goku comes from, has lost several of its members, but the most powerful ones continue on. On the other hand, the team from Universe 11, led by Jiren and Toppo, is in action. In this manga, you can see an amazing fight featuring Goku and Hit vs. Jiren.


First images

A few hours ago, the first images of the manga were revealed. The images have not been translated yet, but we know that in this manga 35 we’ll see amazing fights and the rapid elimination of one of the most powerful warriors in the Tournament of Power, just like it happened in the anime.

We can see that Hit detaches himself from his cloak by pressing on his belt. Everything indicates that Hit realized the amazing power of Jiren, so he’s decided to use all of his power to confront this brutal enemy. On the other hand, Goku’s also fighting against Jiren, but, when he’s about to be defeated, Hit is the one who saves the Saiyan warrior of Universe 7.

Hit’s special technique

In the anime, we saw one of the special techniques from the hitman of Universe 6. This time, in the manga, we see a similar technique, but it is carried out in a completely different way.


First of all, Hit uses a strange hand position to lock Jiren in his temporary prison -- this hand position similar to the one Tien Shinhan uses to carry out the Kiko-Ho. Then, we see that Hit, instead of standing still as he did in the anime, constantly attacks Jiren to throw him off the platform. Unfortunately, Hit can’t accomplish his task and is eliminated from the Tournament of Power by the infallible warrior from Universe 11.

After all, this manga has taken a very different path from the anime in some ways, but in some others it is very similar.

For example, the rapid elimination of Hit will come as a shock to the universe, which will force Kale and Caulifla to join forces in order to defeat Son Goku, who still hasn’t used the Ultra Instinct in this version of the series directed by Toyotaro.

So far this has been the latest news about the "Dragon Ball" world. As more images of the manga come out, we will be sharing them with you.

Below is the latest manga with the battle featuring Hit and Goku vs. Jiren and the elimination of Hit: