"Dragon Ball Super" ended recently. The show had gained a lot of popularity throughout the world for its story and characters. The anime TV series has run for around two years. The ending of the "DBS" was an emotional one for the fans as their beloved characters bid goodbye. Now, the biggest question every fan is asking is that when the show will return? Currently, no one has the answer to this questions.

However, the show's return is looking imminent given the popularity of the anime and considering the comments by the makers after its ending.

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The voice actors and show-runners have confirmed that the anime is ending for the time being only and not permanently. Meanwhile, the makers have done something regarding "Dragon Ball Super [VIDEO]," which will surely make every fan happy and it is also the biggest hint that Universe Survival arc is on its way.

The sooner or later, the next season will return.

The movie

Before talking more about the return of "Dragon Ball Super," it is worth mentioning that the work on the new movie is going on. The film is scheduled to release on December 14, 2018. It will be based on the origins of Saiyans [VIDEO]. Fans will again get to see Goku and a number of new characters in the film.

The official poster and the trailer for the movie are already released. Akira Toriyama is the writer of the movie, and he has also worked on its characters. Rumors suggest that fans will witness a mysterious villain in the film. There is a lot of information yet to come regarding the film.

The return of 'Dragon Ball Super'

Coming back to the next season of tournament of Power, according to NewsWeek, "Toei Animation will begin a restructuring of its various departments on April 1, which includes the formation of a third department focused mainly on the Dragon Ball projects." Furthermore, "the new Dragon Ball department will be led by Atsushi Suzuki." This is perhaps the biggest hint that massive success of "DBS" will result in the next season of the show.

Meanwhile, the "Dragon Ball Super's" last episode was aired on March 25. It was titled "The Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell, Goku! Until We Meet Again!." Universe 7 and Android 17 turned out to be the winner in the finale. "Jiren was subdued, but Goku and Freeza both got eliminated in the process. 17 was the only one who was able to survive, and thus he won the Tournament of Power," reports Otakukart. In the end, No. 17 wishes to restore all of the universes that had been erased. Stay tuned for more anime news and updates.