Dragon Ball Super” aired the final episode of the Universe Survival Arc on March 25, 2018. However, this has not stopped the fans from digging for more information about its potential sequel. While the team behind the popular anime series has not yet revealed the next arc that will succeed Universe Survival, several things are keeping fans interested in the fan-favorite franchise. This includes the upcoming mobile game titled “Dragon Ball Legends.” In addition, a new animated film with the same title as the recently concluded anime series is also bound to be released before this year ends.

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Interestingly, the latest leak revealed a possible New Swordsman that will be introduced to the massive fandom of the popular franchise.

Latest leak

On the popular social networking site Twitter, popular anime content creator Tony Redgrave TDC shared an image of a new character that might soon be seen in action by “Dragon Ball Super” fans.

The image shows [VIDEO] a unique and unusual "Dragon Ball" design. Unlike iconic characters in the franchise, this one carries a couple of swords. In addition, the new character appears to be sporting a long pony tail. The presence of swords and the long hair gave several fans the impression that the character might be a ninja of some sort. The franchise has introduced several characters that use swords. One of these is Future Trunks who used his sword to destroy Lord Frieza. In his anger, Vegeta’s first-born even sliced the villain into pieces, making it hard for Shenron to bring him back to life when his minion wished for it.

Mobile game

The character is expected to be first seen in action in the upcoming mobile game “Dragon Ball Legends.” Currently, the game is being geared for its release on Android and IOS mobile devices.

It is expected to be available this summer and specific details on its release date have yet to be confirmed. For fans and gamers who were not able to be part of the title’s first beta [VIDEO], a second testing stage is scheduled this month. The second beta will be open starting April 13 and will run through April 16. It is interesting to note that this time, more players will be catered to since the team decided to make the testing available to 30,000 participants. Before being accepted, players will have to submit to a new application process. Hopefully more information about the game and the new character wielding swords will be revealed soon.

Meanwhile, the upcoming animated film titled “Dragon Ball Super” is set to release in Japan on December 14, 2018. Many fans are speculating that the characters that will be in the mobile game “Dragon Ball Legends” like Shallot and the new swordsman will also be introduced in the upcoming movie.