The popular TV anime series “Dragon Ball Super” has left the fandom with a cliffhanger ending. While it tied up many loose ends, there are several questions that were left unanswered. However, it appears that Toei Animation is not yet done with hyping the fans. Aside from the dropping the first-ever trailer for the upcoming animated movie, the team also updated the movie’s official website. The latest update reveals a new key visual showing the fan-favorite Saiyan Son Goku.

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While it appears to be just a simple update, many fans saw that there are several Easter Eggs that need to be pointed out and disclosed to the public. One of this is the potential setting of the animated movie.

Latest key visual

A new key visual is uploaded on the official website of the upcoming movie titled “Dragon Ball Super.” The update was caught by several anime content creators and was uploaded on the popular networking site Twitter [VIDEO]. If you visit the movie’s official site, you can see the noticeable change in the latest poster. It still shows Son Goku in his glorious and iconic orange Gi holding his Power Pole. His background now appears to be tinted in royal blue, which definitely depicts the cloudless sky. He is now standing on top of a snow-capped hill or mountain.

Frieza’s planet

This noticeable change in the movie’s key visual triggered fans to speculate about the setting of Son Goku’s upcoming fight.

This same icy tundra was first shown in the first-ever trailer that was released few days after the TV anime series ended. Several fans believe that reiteration of this chilly landscape in the visual emphasizes that the setting could be Frieza’s old planetFrozen Land [VIDEO]. The planet is now uninhabited and serves as the Alcatraz for traitors and enemies of the Planet Trade Organization. Frozen Land is the planet where Lord Frieza and his race used to live. It became desolate due to massive climate changes.

According to the legendary creator of the franchise Akira Toriyama, the movie will feature Frieza as well as the origins of the Saiyans. There is a great possibility that Son Goku could be showing the Frozen Land in the latest key visual. So far, Toei Animation has not yet revealed any details about the film’s setting or where it will take place. Meanwhile, the upcoming anime movie titled “Dragon Ball Super” will be available in theaters in Japan on December 14, 2018. It will show Son Goku as he continues his journey after the TV anime series ended.