Dragon Ball Super” aired the final episode of the Universe Survival Arc on March 25. A couple of weeks have already passed but the fandom is still talking about fan-favorite anime series. Until now, Toei Animation has not yet revealed if the recently concluded arc will be back in the streaming sites soon with a new succeeding episode. The only confirmed information right now is the upcoming film that will be released in December. The conclusion of the series has wrapped up some lose ends. However, there are still nagging questions and fans would like to get official answers. Here is a rundown of the most important and intriguing questions that are still unanswered.


Who is the evil-doer?

In one of the episodes of “Dragon Ball Super,” Belmod, the god of destruction of Universe 11 tells of the backstory of Jiren the Gray. It was revealed that the Pride Trooper’s past has triggered him to push through his limits to be one of the most powerful fighters. His parents were murdered by the evil-doer and his friends were slaughtered leaving him as the sole survivor in his village. The team behind the popular anime series did not reveal the identity of the evil-doer of if he is still alive.

What is Jiren’s wish?

Being the most powerful and overpowered fighter in the Tournament of Power, many fans are interested to know more about the identity of Jiren the Gray. During the revelation of his backstory, many concluded that should he win the competition he will wish his family back. However, he was eliminated by the unexpected teamwork of Son Goku, Frieza, and Android 17. His wish that many would like to know is gone along with the conclusion of the arc. Would Jiren wish for an absolute strength? Would he want to be put to the day when his community was destroyed so he could kill the evil-doer?

Who is the Dragon God Salama?

One of the most intriguing questions that fans would like answered is about the Dragon God Salama.


In one of the episodes of the successful anime series, Bulma visited the Man Who Knows Everything to ask about Salama. Sedu revealed that he is the dragon god who created the super dragon balls. He existed in the 41st day of the divine calendar. These revelations gave us two conclusions about the dragon god. One is that he is very very old, and another is that he is extremely powerful. However, the team failed to further reveal his power level. Is he more powerful than the Omni-King? Is he at par with the Angels of Destruction? Where does he belong in the power level ranking?

Meanwhile, fans are waiting for more details on the upcoming anime film that will serve as the sequel to the series.

The movie is titled “Dragon Ball Super” and is expected to be released in various theaters in Japan on December 14, 2018.