Dragon Ball Super” has finally aired the last episode of the Universe Survival Arc. Fans seemed satisfied with how the Tournament of Power ended. Episode 131 somehow tied many loose ends in the popular anime series. It made Frieza mortal again as precedence to the upcoming movie. Android 17 unexpectedly showed up in the final hour of the hotly contested tournament and emerged as the MVP of the Tournament of Power. Many interesting things happened in the series. Most characters ascended to higher power levels, especially the Saiyans. One of the most intriguing breakthroughs in the popular anime series is the feat of the Prince of All Saiyans.


Surpassing his limits

At the end of Episode 131 of “Dragon Ball Super,” Toei Animation raised more questions than answers. After the credits roll, several scenes were shown. One of these is the sparring between Vegeta and Son Goku. The Prince of All Saiyans asked Son Goku to turn into his Mastered Ultra Instinct form. Interestingly, the fan-favorite Saiyan replied that he just accidentally acquired the godly form because he was pushed to his limits in the Tournament of Power, thus he can no longer bring himself into achieving the same feat again.

Many fans were shocked by this revelation from Son Goku. Some conclude that the Saiyan’s achievement of his Ultra Instinct form was technically accidental. Unlike his Super Saiyan God form and Super Saiyan Blue form, Mastered Ultra Instinct was unintentionally achieved. Based on this premise, it seems that the Prince of All Saiyans has become more powerful than Son Goku. During his remarkable fight with Toppo from Universe 11, he was able to achieve Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Evolution. Director Ryota Nakamura and Universal Survival Arc producer Satoru Takami confirmed the Prince of All Saiyan’s new transformation on the official site of the series.


Other details

Given his new transformation, and if Vegeta is able to unleash this form intentionally, technically he is now more powerful than Son Goku. However, if the Prince of All Saiyans has also achieved his new form accidentally, and like Son Goku could not unleash it on a regular basis, then he is still below the fan-favorite Saiyan in terms of power-level ranking. Meanwhile, fans are excited to know more about the upcoming movie that will serve as the next arc of the popular anime series.

It is titled “Dragon Ball Super” and is scheduled to premiere on December 14, 2018.