Perhaps you don’t know, but this week has been a great week for fans of "Dragon Ball." No, there aren’t any new leaks about the movie that will premiere in December, but there’s a very important birthday that you should celebrate. Son Goku has aged one more year and it seems that fans are surprised (and a little confused) about the Saiyan’s real age.

The truth is that it takes a lot of careful calculations to know the age of our hero. The 16th of April is the date in which the Saiyan Goku was born, this being the canonical date of his birth, however, from there, things get rather complicated.

If you follow the manga, you know that the Saiyan was born on a day like today in the year 736, but in the television series, it’s said that this character was born a year later on the same date.


For canonical reasons, the fans tend to calculate Goku’s age according to what’s stated in the manga, so that's the starting point.

At this time, the "Dragon Ball" timeline has reached the year 780, after concluding the “Universe Survivalsaga, so if the timeline is correct, when Goku fought in the Tournament of Power he was about 44 years old, however, that age doesn’t count all the years that he was dead or training in the time chamber.

The distortion of his age

When it comes to death, Krilin isn't the only one who's connected to the subject since Goku’s also quite familiar with it, and this can be based on the fact that after the fight against Cell, the Saiyan stayed in the other world for 7 years in order to be part of the world martial arts tournament.


Likewise, the hero spent a few years training in the time chamber. If we choose to add those years to the total age of the protagonist, he is about 50 years old.

A mental shock

Most fans believe that Goku’s around 40 years old, but many fans also ignore the points made above. Something very similar happens with Captain America’s age, as he was frozen for several decades and came back after being found, therefore, the superhero can be seen in the mid to late 80s at the age of 20 since that was his biological age when he was frozen.

When it comes to Goku, the fact that this character is in his mid-40s is hard to accept for most fans, after all, the Saiyan did not age after the time jump he experienced in "Dragon Ball Z." Goku may be aging, but there's no way he's middle-aged.


So far this has been the latest news about the "Dragon Ball" world. If there is more, we will be communicating it as soon as possible.