"Dragon Ball Super's" Universal arc might have ended on March 25, but fans are still talking about how good the plot development was, along with the crisp animation that the last few episodes had to offer. The last saga showed some awesome Goku animations, as he achieved his Ultra Instinct Omen and Ultra Instinct Mastered form when fighting against his formidable foe, Jiren the Gray.

One fan decided to bring together all of Goku's animation visuals that made the anime exciting and impressive.

Fans that started watching the series right from the start will notice some of the designs from "Dragon Ball" and "Dragon Ball Z." These animators poured their hearts into it to make the series go down in history as one of the animes that entertains multiple generations of fans.


New movie poster

Toei animation recently unveiled new posters for the upcoming "Dragon Ball Super" movie.

This poster was published in Saikyō Jump (shōnen manga magazine), so there's no doubt that this is official. The new poster shows Goku's new design just like the previous poster and teaser showcased, but this time there are Dragon Balls added behind Goku. At first glance, it might seem like a normal poster, but if you pay attention to the color of the Dragon Balls, you'll notice that they are not in their original golden color with red stars.

There's currently no information on why Toei decided to use the rainbow-colored outline for the Dragon Balls instead of the original golden color with red stars, perhaps they wanted to give them a new look as well.

New poster on 'Dragon Ball' movie site

Another poster from the movie also surfaced on the official site of the "Dragon Ball" movie. It is in the background of the site and, as mentioned in the Tweet by the official Twitter account of "Dragon Ball Super," the frozen wasteland background appears randomly when you visit the site.


Both of the new posters show the redesigned Saiyan in his orange Gi and holding the power pole in his hand. Aside from the posters, there is no new information regarding the plot of the movie. The plot of the movie might have something to do with Frieza's home planet as well because these posters emphasize a frosty wasteland and Frieza and the rest of his family belong to the frost demon species.

The “Dragon Ball Super” movie is scheduled to be released in Japan on December 14, 2018, and it is also rumored that it will be released in other parts of the world on the same date.