"Dragon Ball Super" might be over but the makers are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to engaging the fans. Akira Toriyama has revealed the model for Beerus. Talking about "DBS [VIDEO]," as we know, the Universe Survival arc was ended on March 25. After a run of around two years, the arc was wrapped up. It was an emotional moment for the fans who bid' goodbye' to their beloved characters. The Anime Show has gained a lot of popularity and turned out to be a hit for the makers.

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It is the first "DB" television series featuring a new storyline in 18 years. After the ending, every fan wants to know: "when will it return?" The show-runners haven't revealed anything regarding the return of the TV series.

Return of 'Dragon Ball Super'

Meanwhile, the show-runners have already hinted that the anime is ended for time being but not permanently. However, they haven't revealed when it will come back. According to Japantoday, Fuji TV commented on the return of the show, "Nothing has been decided yet, so we cannot say at this time, but if and when there are any developments, we will certainly announce it via press release." It is worth mentioning that "GeGeGe no Kitar" is replacing "Dragon Ball Super."

Talking about the upcoming "Dragon Ball" movie, the film will release on December 14. It will focus on the history of the Saiyans. Not much is known regarding the plot of the film. The movie is expected to feature a mysterious villain, more powerful than Jiren. The official poster of the film shows Goku, who is likely to feature in his legendary Super Saiyan form.

Akira Toriyama has written the script of the film and also worked on the characters in it. Fans can expect a number of new characters in the movie as it will be based on the origin of Saiyans.

Beerus' model

Regarding the Beerus [VIDEO] model, according to ComicBook, according to translations, the 30th Anniversary "Dragon Ball Super" history book held the details of Beerus’ birth, and the character came about because of a Sphynx Cat called Debo. The report further states that “The new character Beerus is based on the sensei’s favorite cat.” “The new character Beerus, God of Destruction, appeared in the film "Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods."

"Dragon Ball Super" was ended with Android 17 and Universe 7 winning the Tournament of Power. Android 17 defeated Jiren in the final battle of the tournament, while Frieza left Earth and resumed leadership of his empire. Stay tuned for more anime news and updates.