"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering) will soon get some bad news about his marriage to Hope Brady, and that he'll be forced to figure out what his next move will be.

Did Sami ruin everything?

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" spoilers from Soaps.com, Rafe will be "rocked" when he finds out that Hope wants to end their marriage. While "DOOL" fans know that Rafe made a huge mistake when he slept with his ex-wife, Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney), he did believe that he could persuade Hope into understanding his point of view.

Rafe and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) had a huge fight and even seemingly called off their wedding the night that he ended up in the arms of Sami. Although Rafe wanted to tell Hope about the encounter, Sami asked him to keep it a secret.

Secrets always come out in Salem

However, nothing ever stays buried in Salem, and "Days of our Lives" fans watched people start to find out about the affair a little at a time. Rafe confided in his co-worked Eli Grant, and Hope's daughter Ciara found out and told her friend Tripp Dalton. Hope's granddaughter, Claire Brady, eventually found out the secret and told Hope in front of everyone at her wedding ceremony. Hope was so upset that she left Salem and headed to Hong Kong to spend time with her son Shawn and daughter-in-law Belle.

Rafe wants to save his marriage

While in Hong Kong, Hope hired Belle as her lawyer and decided that she wanted to end her marriage to Rafe. "Days of our Lives" fans will now see Rafe find out the devastating news. However, Buzzworthy Radio spoilers reveal that Rafe will vow to fight for his marriage. Rafe doesn't want to believe his relationship with Hope is over and he'll do whatever it takes to make her realize that they belong together.

Perhaps Rafe will head to Hong Kong to see Hope in person, or he'll wait until she arrives back in Salem in hopes of winning her back. Either way, it seems clear that Hope and Rafe need to have a serious discussion about their future.

Is the relationship doomed?

If the couple do end up back together there could be another storm brewing for them.

"Days of our Lives" has announced that Alison Sweeney will return to reprise her role as Sami Brady this summer, and speculation is circulating that Sami may return to Salem with a shocking secret, such as a pregnancy or Rafe's newborn child.

Only time will tell what happens with Hope and Rafe. "Days of our Lives" airs weekday afternoons on NBC.