The episode starts with Izuku narrating his story and telling viewers how evil hides in the darkness after being driven back many times and they start to move again once they recover.

Tomura tells Kurogiri how easy it was for his master to find the destination of those he couldn't find no matter how hard he looked for them. Giran enters the room and tells them that the union is relying on the league of villains to become active and gather the scattered bad guys.

Meanwhile, at U.A. high school, Aizawa tells all the students, who want to become heroes, that they will not get summer vacations and will be going to a training camp instead.

Two separate buses, for Class-A and Class-B, arrive to take all the students to their destination.

The Pussycats

Class-A makes a stop near a forest. There, Aizawa introduces them to two new pro heroes, the Pussycats (Mandalay and Pixie-Bob), who will be training them in the camp. Students are told that they will be staying at the place in the middle of the forest, but all of them try to run back to the bus before realizing that the training has already begun.

The Pussycats throw them off the cliff and into the forest for their first task and are told that they could use their quirks in "The Beast's Forest." Mineta encounters a giant earth beast and the rest of the team engages in the battle with the beast knowing that it was created by Pixie-Bob.

After fighting a swarm of beasts, the exhausted students arrive at the camp. Izuku notices Kota and asks Mandalay about him.

The whole class eats their lunch and then take a bath in a hot spring. Mineta, as usual, tries to find a way to climb up the wall and take a peek at the girls' side of the hot spring. As he reaches the top of the wall, he finds Kota, who tells him to become a human before becoming a hero and pushes Mineta, but Kota accidentally takes a peek at the girls' side of the spring and falls off the wall.

Izuku manages to catch him before he hits the ground.

Izuku asks Mandalay about Kota's negative view on heroes and she tells him it is because his parents were also heroes who were killed in the line of duty. Izuku is surprised by this and thinks of Tomura, who has a similar view on heroes.

The second day of the training camp starts and Aizawa hands Bakugo a ball and tells him to throw it has hard as he can like he did in the fitness test.

Aizawa also mentions that his previous score was 705.2 meters and wanted to see how much he has improved since then. Bakugo throws the ball with all his strength but scores only 709.6 meters. Aizawa tells them that their quirks will not be improved if they don't increase their stamina and that he will train them so hard that they will feel like dying.

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