Deities in "Dragon Ball Super" are quite different than deities from the real world. Whis and Beerus like to visit Earth and partake in the feasts. They are quite comical in a weird way that you can't find them holy. And what's more, is that they train two powerful mortals just so they can beat the heck out of the God Of Destruction. What's even more bizarre about this is that it seems like Goku is actually waltzing his way to become a deity. How can he perfect Ultra Instinct in a short amount of time when Gods can't even use the form properly?

Mortals and Ultra Instinct

So far, there are only two mortals that seem to have this form; one confirmed and one speculated.


Goku is confirmed to have the form but is only limited as to when he can use it. Jiren, on the other hand, is not confirmed to have this form but seems that he has the characteristics of a UI user. What's more interesting is they are both mortals. How can mortals achieve and master Ultra Instinct more easily than the Gods of Destruction?

The first reason might be because mortals can find themselves in desperate situations during a fight. Beerus can never have that thrill. Goku feels when he's fighting an opponent more powerful than him because Beerus is already so powerful.

He's used to beating an enemy, which in return makes him unable to love fighting again. This can be applied to all the Gods of Destruction as well.

The second reason that I can think of is that mortals have more potential than Gods of Destruction. While Gods of Destruction have been alive for millions of years now, their knowledge of battle was dulled by their slack. Goku and other mortals, however, are still unleashing all their potentials by training. The godly training speeds up unleashing their potential and actually make them powerful enough to achieve Ultra Instinct and grow from there.


Goku's moment of desperation in Tournament of Power and his will to win made the development of Ultra Instinct speed up.

And lastly, Gods of Destruction have other duties to do which lessens their time to train. Even though they train, they don't have a training partner serious and strong enough to push their limit. In addition, taking care of a universe is not an easy job. That is why the other universes' GoDs who did not participate in ToP still haven't reached Ultra Instinct because their time and energy was put to making their universes grow.

Gods of Destruction with Ultra Instinct

It can be assumed that all Gods of Destruction have access to Ultra Instinct. However, only a few can utilize it easily. One of them is Beerus, who clearly has more mastery in Ultra Instinct than the other Gods. Mosco, the God of Destruction, seem to have the least mastery because the God controls a robot suit. Hopefully, we get more information about Gods of Destruction later on.