There are only two episodes left in “Dragon Ball Super” and fans are already craving for more epic fight scenes. So far, there are three contenders left in the battle arena of the Tournament of Power. They are Jiren from Universe 11, and Son Goku and Frieza from Universe 7.

An intense battle is being fought between Jiren and Goku, who is using a mastered Ultra Instinct. Frieza, on the other hand, is lying unconscious somewhere in the rubble, unnoticed by the warriors and the spectators above them.

Before the top-rated anime show is over, let us take a look back at some thrilling fights in the tournament.


Here are the top 10 Tournament of Power moments

  1. Goku vs Jiren Part 1. Jiren was seemingly overpowered during this fight. Son Goku cannot even connect a good hit to Jiren’s wall of power. Ultra Instinct was first activated during this fight. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long enough to deal any kind of damage to Jiren. Goku got blasted away and revitalized by Frieza by giving some of his powers.
  2. Hit vs Jiren. Hit immediately attacked Jiren after Goku was blasted away. Using his Time Skip attacks, Hit imprisoned Jiren and sacrificed himself to bring his opponent down with him. However, Jiren was more than Hit could handle and the Universe 6 warrior fell down.
  3. Frieza vs Frost. Who can forget the betrayal of Frieza to his Universe 6 counterpart Frost? Just as when Frost had learned what Frieza taught him, he was knocked out of the ring before he knew it. But when Frost attempted to blast Friza from the sidelines, Zen-O erased the vengeful tyrant out of existence right there and then.
  4. Goku vs Kale & Caulifla. The two female Saiyans from Universe 6 thought they could handle Son Goku after his fight against Jiren. Just when the two were about to win, Goku became a Super Saiyan God and mopped them on the floor.
  5. Goku vs. Kelfa. Kale and Caulifla fused using Potara earrings. The resulting being was Kefla, a strong warrior with out-of-this-world energy. However, Goku activated his Ultra Instinct again and eliminated the rowdy fighter using his Kamehameha.
  6. Gohan & Piccolo vs Pirina & Saonel. This battle is probably one of the best fights in the tournament, as it showcased teamwork and combination attacks. Gohan and Piccolo used every bit of their energy against the Universe 6 Namekian’s seemingly endless stamina and vitality. Piccolo discovered that Pirina and Saonel have assimilated the entire Namek population inside their own body. Gohan and Piccolo won the fight using their own combination attack.
  7. Android 18 vs Ribrianne. The two best female warriors of the tournament battled it out with such ferocity. Ribrianne unleashed her love and pitted it against 18’s tenacity. Ribrianne was eliminated, and Android 18 prevailed in the end.
  8. Vegeta vs Toppo. The two second best of their respective teams battled out like they were trying to kill one another. Vegeta forced Toppo to release his God of Destruction form. Unfortunately for Toppo, Vegeta has surpassed the level of a God of Destruction and eliminated him from the tournament.
  9. Frieza vs Dyspo. Frieza lost his patience when he cannot hit Dyspo who is running around the arena. The best part of this fight was when Dyspo smashed Frieza’s face in the rubble while running at full speed.
  10. Goku vs Jiren Part 2. The fight between Jiren and Goku is far from over as they have yet to release their fullest potential in this tournament. Son Goku has mastered Ultra Instinct and forced Jiren to release his full power.

'Dragon Ball Super' will have its final episode on March 25

A new Dragon Ball-related movie will be released by the end of this year. The movie will explore the origins of the legendary warrior race Saiyans.