The anime culture has its roots in Japan, but it has since spread around the world especially in the young audience. However, there are still many aspects that people may not yet know about anime, like the different kinds that are available on the market. Anime is usually synonymous with action and adrenaline, it goes far beyond that, but only diehard anime fans are aware of the fact. For this reason, I want to share with you some of the most touching anime stories in the hopes of changing how people perceive anime.

'Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day'

In this story, written by Mari Okada, the characters don’t have superpowers in order to save the world from an imminent destruction. This anime just describes one of the hardest situations that a person has to face.


The death of someone who was loved. Jintan is a young boy who has to gather their childhood friends in order to help Menma’s soul to accomplish a promise that will allow her to ascend to heaven. Despite being a short anime, it is very catching because it combines amazing graphics with a good script.


Probably the story of Okazaki Tomoya, the main character, has made a lot of people cry. This anime, made in 2004, is based on the life of a high school student who suffers grief from losing his mother. With the help of Furukawa Nagisa, Okasai will overcome his pain and discover the beauty of life.

'Angel Beats'

The soundtracks are not the only sad thing in this anime. With just 13 chapters, "Angel Beats" touches the deepest parts of the audience.


According to some anime lovers -including myself-, the secret to its success is in the originality of the story. It takes place in a secondary school that acts like a limbo for young students whose lives, before their passing, were filled with frustrations and difficulties that they will have to overcome if they want a chance at heaven.

'Tokyo Magnitude 8.0'

It describes a natural disaster that occurred in the heart of Japan (Tokyo) and the way it changes the lives of millions of people who have to face the fact of losing, not only their material goods but also their families and dreams. The message of this anime is related to the vulnerability of human beings and their attachments to the things and people that they love.


'Byousoku 5 Centimeter (5 Centimeters Per Second)'

Although here the death does not play an important role, this anime touches the viewers in other ways. Leaving someone with whom you shared a lot of memories can be inevitable but also very sad. That is the main idea of "5 Centimeters Per Second" and the main reason why this anime is one of the most popular around the audience who look for a good story.