"Black Clover" is an anime, developed in a world where magic is everything. This history is about a child born who cannot use any magic and who had been abandoned in a church. His name was Asta. To prove himself and to keep his promise that he made to his childhood friend Yuno, Asta intends to become the most powerful wizard in clover kingdom, “Wizard King.”

The Pierrot Studio (Naruto, Twin Star Exorcists) is responsible for bringing this manga to life. This animated series that premiered on October 3 of 2017 will have 51 episodes.


Who is Asta?

He is the main character of this anime. A passionate and positive boy, of short stature, thick voice, and exaggerated reactions. He is an orphan, abandoned at the doors of a small chapel in a poor town. He is always competing with his best friend and rival Yuno; he aims to become in Wizard King of Clover Kingdom. In addition to not knowing its origin, he does not have magic, and he is always at the mercy of the contempt of his environment. However, his never-surrender nature and his great determination to deal with difficulties and makes Asta in a unique character.

Through daily training to compensate for the magical disability, he developed his body, which is currently resistant and has a great physical capacity. In addition, his vision in movement and his reflex acts are exceptional.

Asta summons its own grimoire, which contains the strange and mysterious Anti-Magic (which allows you to cancel all magical effects), the black clover grimoire, a magical black and slightly dirty book, and from this book comes a great dark sword that only he can use.

He is a member of the Black Bulls squad, a team of magical knights made up of mischievous people, who tend more to destroy than to help.


It is not a very decent group and is commonly rejected by society and is called "the lowest of the lowest group among the magic knights."

Friend and rival, Yuno

He likes heaven; his Magic attribute is Wind, rival of Asta. He was abandoned in the same church and same day as Asta. He is tall and always have a calm attitude. It has a pendant on the neck. He is the owner of the four-leaf clover grimoire and is a member of the Golden Dawn squadron, the strongest squad of magic knights.

He is the chosen companion of Sylph, a small fairy that often tries to play with Yuno, but due to his serious behavior, she often finds himself complaining.

His serious attitude arose when Asta was wounded in defending him when he was a child.

He also trains to become Asta´s rival. His cool behavior only breaks, when he's having fun, usually when he fights against someone strong or sees Asta demonstrating his strength. He has proven to be a rising star among ranks of the Golden Dawn squad, able to defeat even the strongest wizards with little or no effort.