"Teen Mom OG" has been in the news for quite a while now. Recently, I told you about how Farrah Abraham actually ended her journey on the popular show. Well, for newcomers, the reality star, who was confronted by the makers of the show was asked to choose between the show and the adult film industry. Farrah who chose the latter was then shown her exit from the show. Farrah went on to call the makers of the show "spineless" in an interview with TMZ.

The show, however, replaced her with Mackenzie McKee.

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And now it seems like we're done yet! Well. In an exclusive with In Touch Weekly, Farrah's mother was recently asked about her feelings about Farrah, Aden Stay and her unstable relationship with Simon Saran [VIDEO].

Farrah's mother, Debra Danielsen gave the most amusing reaction ever. She said, "OH DEAR GOD."

Debra Danielsen on her daughter

Debra added that Farrah is a very "kind, loving and good-natured person" and she tends to trust people easily and because of this people actually take advantage of her. She went on saying that everyone has a "blind spot" and Simon and Aden both are in her blind spot at present. Speaking about their compatibility with Farrah, Debra said that they're not an equal power couple and neither of them are on their way up, so she disapproves of both of them. Debra said she would rather like to see her daughter with someone more on her level and even suggested a few names for her.

Debra likes Zac Efron and he matches Farrah's vibe. She further said that Jef Holm is a good option too.

Trying to be as clear as possible, Debra said that Farrah needs some "young and fun" guy who has a career and a potential to relate to her in a much better way.

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Not only did Debra chose Zac [VIDEO] and Jef, she also chose Kenny Chesney and Jake Gyllenhaal. According to her, these guys are interesting and she thinks that their careers and interests in life are common with Farrah's background and her career choice.

Well, Debra also thinks that these guys would actually be a blessing in Farrah's life. With this, who knows, Farrah might actually find a perfect prince charming soon. I hope best for her and let's see who's going to be next on the block after Simon and Aden. Meanwhile, according to The Hollywood Gossip, "Farrah is widely considered to be the worst cast member in "Teen Mom" history. Not only is she considered to be the worst cast member, but she's also the first person to ever be fired from the show." Stay tuned for more "Teen Mom OG" updates.