shannon beador recently turned 54. The "Real Housewives of Orange County" has seen a lot of drama lately. Season 10 of the show became quite famous when Shannon Beador [VIDEO], one of the contestants of the show revealed that her partner David was not loyal to her in their marriage. The couple even tried rekindling their romance, but all their efforts went down the drain when they decided to seek a Divorce from each other. According to Champagne and Shade, "it sounds like her children aren’t happy with their father.

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After Shannon announced that they had separated on the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion special, David was caught flirting on Instagram with another woman from Orange County."

Shannon Beador and David Beador divorce

The couple who is ending their relationship of 17 years was seen in the family court on Friday and it was reported that in the judgment, Shannon was granted joint legal custody of their three daughters and was also given an allowance of $22,500 per month.

But all this didn't go down well with James and he was visibly furious with the proceedings. It's also alleged that he turned off the water connection of the house where Shannon is staying with their three daughters. However, as of yet, David Beador has not commented on these allegations.

Shannon Beador has completely turned her life around, and everyone is blown away by how different she is now,” reports RadarOnline. Meanwhile, David who was seen representing himself at the court was initially ordered to pay $30,000 per month but Shannon [VIDEO] and her lawyer settled for $22,500 per month. The court further commanded that if the support order is greater than $22,500 per month, then David will pay the difference for that stipulated amount of time. In terms of child custody, the court has cleared that as of now, the children will reside with Shannon, and will spend equal time with both their parents.

Shannon Beador wants a divorce as fair as possible

Shannon Beador has mentioned that she wants this divorce to be as fair as possible and is not interested in engaging in a war of words. She doesn't want her children to get affected because of all this. She wants to remain as clean as possible in this whole issue and doesn't want to make it stressful for her children. She further said that this journey has been heartbreaking for her and their daughters and she eventually felt alone in their marriage, but couldn't do anything about it. She tried to save her marriage but things just didn't work out.

Meanwhile, the duo who haven't spoken much about the custody will ensure that their children are taken care of and don't feel pressured in this scenario. Both David Beador and Shannon Beador will be taking appropriate care of their children. Stay tuned for more entertainment updates.