The 90th ceremony of the Academy Awards is upon us and while we are all waiting to hear Jimmy Kimmel's political and self-mocking jokes. It's the most important part and why we endure a potential four-hour show (the first ceremony in 1929 it only lasted 15 minutes!) is to see who ultimately wins. This year's award season was confusing and nobody has clear winners in mind but some nevertheless stand out.

Now, whatever happens, it is not likely to be talked about as much as last year's Best Picture announcement -- unless the guy who handed out the wrong envelope is back -- but here are my Oscars 2018 predictions.

Best picture

"The Shape Of Water" is the most obvious choice having been one of the most nominated and talked-about movies of the year, but "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" seems to have taken award season by a storm. With a younger and more diverse array of Academy voters, one could hope for "Get Out" to win and, like last year, reflect upon society's issues but it seems incongruous not to consider "The Shape of Water" as the winner.

Who was born to sing the blues? "Lady Bird"

Actor in a leading role

As soon as "Darkest Hour" came out, Gary Oldman was surrounded by Oscar buzz. It would be the actor's first Academy Award, having been nominated one other time only for "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" in 2012.

He is not someone who should be reduced to nominations or wins having played in numerous extraordinary roles such Dracula and Harvey Lee Oswald but it would be nice to see him awarded for his wonderful career.

Who was born to sing the blues? Timothée Chalamet

Actress in a leading role

Frances McDormand has been praised through the season by numerous ceremonies, winning the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Motion Picture (Drama).

"Three Billboards" has been at the center of racism controversies, but none have remotely touched McDormand's performance, which is breathtaking.

Who was born to sing the blues? Meryl Streep

Actor in a supporting role

Sam Rockwell's performance alongside McDormand has been noticed by a number of critics but will his racist, torturing-a-black-man police officer character whom for some got too quick of a redemption seem too controversial for a win?

Wait and see. Another potential winner could be Willem Dafoe who was at the start the favorite contestant but was soon out-shined by Rockwell.

Who was born to sing the blues? Meryl Streep

Actress in a supporting role

Alisson Janney has stunned with her portrayal of Tonya Harding's not-easy-to-love mother in "I, Tonya" and crushed other nominees throughout the season, so why should it change for the Oscars? This category is full of on-screen moms and it is a little ironic that the less loving one is put forward, but Janney is nothing if not deserving of all the talk around her talent.

Who was born to sing the blues? Mary J. Blige


Greta Gerwig is the only female director nominated and, as such, deserves to be talked about, not only because she is a pioneer and advocate for more women directing movies in Hollywood, but also because "Lady Bird," her semi-autobiographical movie, is raw with the feelings every teenager has experienced at the end of high school.

Who was born to sing the blues? Guillermo Del Toro

And remember, whoever wins, whoever loses, don't forget to sing the blues!