It is that time of the week again. For a surprising reason, Oda is not taking a break this week after that big reveal. Fans have more things to look forward to on the upcoming “One Piece” manga chapter 898. Before we proceed, I would like to remind everyone that this post is about my predictions and may contain spoilers.

Recap of ‘One Piece’ manga chapter 897

Let us first have a recap of the previous “One Piece” manga chapter 897. The title of the last chapter was ‘Pekom’s Cacao Island Escape Plan.’ Let me just say that Pekom’s plan was doomed to fail, considering how simple-minded he is.


However, I didn’t expect that he would be defeated that easily after taking his Sulong form. I thought that he would be able to take down at least one member of the Charlotte Family.

I wonder why Pekom did not use the ability of Brulee to change Luffy’s physical appearance. Nonetheless, considering the caliber of those warriors waiting outside the mirror, they will not be able to avoid the sharp senses of the Charlotte Family by changing their form. Fortunately, Sanji was there to help Luffy. He was planning to use his moonwalk ability to evade the enemies.

Sadly, it seems that the Charlotte family has also accounted for that situation. At least four people also know how to moonwalk, but I doubt if they are within the caliber of Black Leg.

Enter, the Vinsmoke. While I was not shocked by the fact that the Vinsmoke family would assist the Strawhat pirates after what happened during the banquet, their appearance in the last chapter still surprised me. Even so, the crew of Smoothie is just around the corner, so it is too early to celebrate. I doubt if the Vinsmoke siblings will be powerful enough to deal with the Charlotte’s considering how Sanji beat the cr*p out of Yonji in the past chapter.


However, they are still holding a trump card in their hand; the cloning technology. There’s a possibility that the siblings (except for Sanjii), have been cloned.

Prediction on ‘One Piece’ manga chapter 898

I personally think that Oda will give us a small taste of the fight between the Charlotte Family and the Vinsmoke. In view of how fast-paced the last chapter was, chapter 898 will most likely focus more on Bege and Big Mom. The chase has been going on for far too long and it is time for Oda to draw a conclusion on this part of the arc.

Big Mom will probably regain her consciousness after eating the cake of Sanji. However, she will most certainly be vulnerable to the attacks of Bege’s pirate crew, after experiencing a state of euphoria due to the cake’s deliciousness. (I noticed that there is a strong resemblance between Bege and the parents of Big Mom. Is it possible that Bege was ordered by their clan to assassinate Big Mom?

Back to the main battle area

Instead of helping the Vinsmokes, Sanji will perhaps choose to ensure the safety of his captain first and return to the ship.


It’s also possible that Pekoms is not down for the count. Pekoms will probably take his full Sulong form and will help in wiping out the Charlotte family. Since he can no longer get back to the Charlotte Family, he will possibly take part in the Wano Country Arc. I am also hoping that we will have a glimpse of how powerful Smoothie is in this chapter.

It'd only a few hours before the “One Piece” manga chapter 898 will be released. There's a couple of chapters left before the end of the Big Mom Arc. Before the conclusion of this arc, I hope Oda will make Sanji great again. He is the second-in-command after all.