"One Piece" the Japanese adventures series is everywhere in the news, especially after what happened in their latest episode 899. And now, with half a week left for the 900th episode to air, the fans of this fictional series have to wait no more since the spoilers of the "One Piece" 900th episode have already begun surfacing online. In the "One Piece"' 899th episode, fans saw the reunion of all the Straw Hat Pirates and further saw the enemies surrounding them. Not only this, but we also witnessed Big Mom preparing to take her first bite of the cake on which the future of the Big Mom Pirates seems to hang.

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Episode 900 of 'One Piece'

"One Piece" Episode 899's climax was overwhelming and we're desperately waiting to watch the "One Piece" 900th episode to see everything unfold.

And now with the spoilers surfacing online, here's what's going to happen in the 900th episode. If you like reading spoilers, then this is for you: While there are too many possibilities, the first and foremost possibility is that after eating the piece of cake Big Mom is finally satisfied but everything is not well with her Pirates. It's further been speculated that Big Mom might faint after having the cake and might lose her hold on the homies.

The second sets of possibilities are about Sanji. Well, the spoilers reveal, and reports speculate, that Sanji will finally come into his own. Sanji might finally get a chance to prove himself and to showcase his powers in a fight. There may be some battles between Sanji and Daifuku and his Genie, however, we have to watch the episode to affirm this one.

More spoilers for 'One Piece'

Now coming to spoiler number three, it's been said that some drama will unfold with Stussy and Morgan too. They might have a bigger role to play in episode 900 and will be seen more often in the upcoming episodes.

Speaking about the spoiler number four, Carrot will be seen joining the Straw Hats as number 9. Though this one sounds a bit preposterous, she isn't an official member yet. But the signs of her joining the clan have been pretty obvious in the latest episodes.

Meanwhile, according to ComicBook, "Eiichiro Oda actually made alterations to Akainu's face in between his appearance in Weekly Shonen Jump and the full volume release for the series and, as was spotted by Twitter user @sandman_AP. Now we have to wait for the official spoilers, and the 900th episode, to actually find out the drama that will unfold in their lives. Stay tuned for more "One Piece" updates.