An oklahoma native is now upset over the fact that Katy Perry gave him his first kiss while auditioning for "American Idol." Us Weekly shared the details about what happened and why he is so mad. Benjamin had never been kissed and Katy was going to simply let it be a kiss on the cheek and then she ended up turning her head and planting one on his lips. This was his first kiss.

What did Benjamin have to say about it all?

You would think that Benjamin Glaze would be excited to get kissed by Katy Perry, but that wasn't the way that it all went down.

He said, "I was a tad bit uncomfortable. I wanted to save [my first kiss] for my first relationship. I wanted it to be special." Benjamin spoke out to the New York Times. When the kiss happened, he told Luke Bryan "I have never been in a relationship and I can’t kiss a girl without being in a relationship." He wanted to do things his own way and Katy ended up changing how it went down for him.

He actually explained that if Katy Perry had asked to kiss him that he would have told her no and not done it. He shared that he was raised in a very "conservative" family and that isn't the way they do things. His plan had been for his first kiss to be special and it being with Katy Perry in this way wasn't what he wanted.

He won't see Katy again

The thing is Benjamin Glaze ended up getting sent home and didn't get a ticket to Hollywood. He won't be seeing Katy Perry again, but it will be interesting to see if she has anything to say now that she knows that he was uncomfortable with the kiss. It was obvious she didn't do that on purpose. He did admit that he loved the publicity he got from the show.

This is giving Glaze a way to get his music out there to the world. The fact that Katy Perry kissed him could be one reason that his audition was one that aired on the show. That had to help his career and also his social network followers without a doubt.

EW shared later that Glaze went to his Instagram to explain his thoughts a bit more.

He said, "I do not think i was sexually harassed by Katy Perry and i am thankful for the judges comments and critiques. I was uncomfortable in a sense of how i have never been kissed before and was not expecting it.” You can see everything that Glaze had to say in his Instagram post below.

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