Kathie Lee Gifford definitely knows that there's no such thing as an overnight sensation in show business. The veteran singer, actress, author, and morning favorite has spent over four decades sharing her talents from one stage or another. Whether Kathie Lee Gifford is sitting beside Regis Philbin or Hoda Kotb, she has her own way of making her opinions and her history known, always with a wink and a contagious sense of humor. It wasn't exactly overnight to the precise minute, but this morning on “Today,” Kathie Lee Gifford was celebrating another chart-topping hit with her song, “Love Me to Death,” with the composer, Brett James.

Let's just say she’s big time again.

At 64, the star of stage, screen, and song is living a renaissance in music. With more projects in the works than ever, can she make time for more priorities in her personal life? Kathie Lee Gifford responded to those issues by relating some recent stories, and putting life into perspective as only she can.

Soaring upward

When the names of Chris Stapleton, Luke Bryan, Imagine Dragons, Drake, and Justin Bieber, among others, are all below the name of Kathie Lee Gifford on the iTunes chart, it says something about both her talent and appeal as an artist. Even more remarkable is that the rise of “Love Me to Death” only took a matter of hours after yesterday's premiere (Feb.

28) of the music video on the morning show.

It's hard enough for any artist, even those with legendary names, to make songs that instantly score huge download numbers in this transitory digital age. It is even more notable to have people talking about a song as being “have to hear” material. Both those factors were in play for Kathi Lee and Brett with this song.

The intense love ballad was No. 1 on the soundtracks chart, beating out Kathie Lee Gifford's good friend, Hugh Jackman, with the soundtrack album from “The Greatest Showman.” The song was also 24th overall on the iTunes chart.

Hoda Kotb couldn't help but name the ages of the great musical divas like Cher, Reba McEntire, and Bette Midler when they last were in top position.

“I’m way over them,” Gifford exclaimed. The numbers look good in another way for Kathi Lee and Brett, because there have been “three in the last five months” (referring to chart hits) for the collaborative duo. Both attribute the success to the contribution of the other. “I call it the Brett James affect, and he calls it the Kathie Lee 'Today' show affect,” she insists. No matter who gets credit, the listeners of every age are getting the benefit.

Can’t stop singing

Music is all around Kathie Lee Gifford these days, even at a girlfriends’ lunch. She ran into Judy Collins yesterday during her noontime break, and she broke into “Both Sides Now” just talking about running into the legendary folk artist.

“I didn't sing for 15 years, and now you can't shut me up,” affirms the host.

The Gifford/James collaboration, “He Saw Jesus,” which was created to honor Kathie Lee’s beloved late husband was included among the music played for Dr. Billy Graham while he lies in honor Capitol Hill, with thousands coming to pay respect to “America's preacher.”

Recent events have certainly shown Kathie Lee that “you never know” where any next turn in life will take a person. “I'm basically in Depends,” she winked at the camera. Yesterday, Gifford described a recent encounter in Nashville, where she admits she was dressed with bells on, in black leather and lace. Making her way past two younger gentlemen at a doorway, one remarked that “You look just like Kathie Lee Gifford, but way hotter!” She has also been receiving suitors by social media, who assure her that they have their real teeth.

Kathie Lee Gifford has no announcement of any official beaus at the moment, but the contented mom of now grown kids can concur with her co-host Kotb that being happy in life takes “someone to love, something to do, and something to give you hope.” It doesn't hurt when all those things happen and happens to touch many other people.