"Dragon Ball Super" is getting closer and closer to its climax as the Tournament of Power approaches an unexpected conclusion, but fans don't want the show to go away just yet and are waiting for an official statement from Akira Toriyama and Toei Animation about the continuation of the series and new information about the "Dragon Ball [VIDEO]" movie that will be released later this year.

Well, we finally have an official answer to both of these questions and social media has been popping up with the new movie poster ever since.

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The story continues

Up until today, it was made clear that the "Dragon Ball Super" saga will come to an end after the events of Tournament of Power and the all-out battle between Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku and Jiren the Gray.

But here's the good news, Toei Animation just confirmed that "Dragon Ball Super" is not going to end after the Survival arc. Although the show will take a break until the movie is released, there is still much in store for the franchise.

Earlier today, the news was made public along with a poster from the upcoming movie. The poster shows Goku holding a pole like from the earlier "Dragon Ball" series. Maybe, after the Tournament of Power is over, Goku will teach his fighting techniques to his new pupils, but let's not get deeper into that story because there are still many directions the show can go once the winner of the tournament is decided.

Herms98, known as the reliable source of "Dragon Ball" news, posted on their official Twitter account the translation of comment made by Akira Toriyama on the release of the new poster.

Akira Toriyama said that the movie will not be a prequel. The story of the movie takes place after episode 131 [VIDEO] of the current series. He also mentioned that the movie will give fans a better insight of Frieza and the Saiyans and how a new villain was saved for this exact occasion so that the fans can really enjoy the new arc while knowing more about their favorite characters.

Lastly, he added that although the animated version on the TV is going to take a break, the very popular "Dragon Ball" manga drawn by Toyotaro will keep going on for the time being. The animated version of the "Dragon Ball" will follow a different story than that told in the manga.

Fans are theorizing that the break from the series and the eventual movie of the franchise is a form of a break for the television staff so that they can plan the new arc and give fans quality animation as well as a better story.

The 20th movie of "Dragon Ball" series is set to be released on December 14 this year.