As the curtain closes on our favorite weekly anime show “Dragon Ball Super,” Mexican fans have finally done the impossible; they have petitioned their government to let the show be streamed for FREE. Yes, that’s right. FREE. This is exactly what the people of Mexico City have accomplished by petitioning the event online. On Sunday, March 17, at 4 PM, they will be able to marathon episodes 126 to 129 before watching episode 130.

Intense battle: Ultra Instinct Goku vs. Full-powered Jiren

As of episode 129, Son Goku was able to master his Ultra Instinct.


He gave Jiren a very hard time considering the warrior from Universe 11 was using his full power during that time. When Goku mastered his Ultra Instinct, he was able to reflect Jiren’s full-powered punches because he has learned to attack unconsciously. The sight of Goku dodging and attacking at the same time made the Gods of Destruction stand up and honor the Saiyan warrior.

The spoilers have shown a great deal of what’s about to transpire on the upcoming episode. According to the leaked images, Jiren’s clothes would be shredded as he unleashes more power to match the mastered Ultra Instinct. If we are going to believe them, it would surely mean that the thrill of the final battle will be increased to the maximum level.

Goku will be eliminated?

As the intensity of the final battle increases, so is Jiren’s will to win it. According to trusted sources, Goku will be thrown off the battle arena by Jiren’s point-blank ki blast. Will universe 7 be eliminated, then? Or will there be a surprise or some sort of plot twist that will spice things up a bit? Well, this is exactly what the people of Mexico City are going to find out this coming Sunday in Plaza de la Mexicanidad.

Will there be another arc after episode 131?

As of this writing, there are no reports about another arc after the Tournament of Power.


Toei Animation has reported that “Dragon Ball Super” will take a hiatus in order to prepare for the upcoming Dragon Ball-related movie. According to them, the movie will explore the Saiyan race; how they came about and how they achieved their legendary warrior status in the universe. The movie will have its world premiere this coming December 2018.

If there is going to be a movie about Saiyans, does it mean that Universe 7 will win the Tournament of Power? Or will the movie be told in a different perspective? Let us all hope that the last two episodes will give us a clue about the upcoming Dragon Ball movie.