There’s no doubt that we could see how the level of power of the Ultra Instinct is at an extremely high point. In fact, during the airing of episode 129, we watched how Goku was able to perfect the technique also known as the selfish doctrine. The level of power of this technique is so high that even Kakaroto was able to defeat Jiren for just a few seconds after having perfected it.

The preview of episode 130 revealed what could be a new version of the Ultra Instinct but this time in Jiren’s body.


There’s no doubt that for the way the alien’s aura of power is reflected, most likely it’s the selfish doctrine too. But this is something we want to talk about this time and also about the odds that we’ll witness a battle of perfected Ultra Instincts in the next episode.

A new mortal is observed in the Ultra Instinct form

There’s no doubt that the preview of the next episode of "Dragon Ball Super" has caused much anxiety and intrigue since we watched how Jiren shows up with what could be some kind of selfish doctrine after Goku defeated him at the end of episode 129.

This means that Jiren has been under some pressure and cornered by the great agility and power that the Saiyan has shown him.

Perhaps we could say that this warrior from Universe 11 managed to get a little bit of the Ultra Instinct, at the moment he managed to avoid the Kachin-Kachin that was flying towards him. Definitely, with the great level of power this warrior has shown in each one of the episodes where he fights, it shouldn’t be difficult for him to achieve this form. But, we could notice something else, that apparently his strength level may be closer to Whis'.


This is because we’ve noticed that Goku’s state when he attains this power is a little relaxed, on the other hand, we saw how Jiren’s veins sprout in his forehead and he also has a strong angry expression.

Omen Mode

This means, perhaps, that the condition of the warrior of Universe 11 is what is known as Omen Mode, where the person can simply emit heat waves or glow since he’s being able to contain it within his body. In fact, we watched how his eyes don't change color, unlike Goku, who is noticeably different.

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