As many of you already know, the end of the Tournament of Power, of "Dragon Ball Super," is imminent. Recently, an interview was conducted with Satoru Takami and Ryota Nakamura — the producer and director of the series, respectively.

Along with details about the interview, we will also discuss some wise decisions that Akira Toriyama might not have made if it hadn't been for Toei Animation's management and give information about the creation of the famous Tournament of Power and hint at a possible sequel to the series.


Important facts in the interview with the directors

The first thing they discussed, in the interview, was the initial proposal, of the series creator, regarding the Tournament of Power saga, in which the presentation of 80 warriors facing each other at the same time was made. Also, they displayed most of the designs and what the final look of the battlefield would be.

It was said that, for this fight event, Akira Toriyama designed the characters of Toppo, Dyspo, and Jiren. Among the first characters designed was Quitela, the God Of Destruction.

It seems that the story about Jiren's past was a kind of improvisation or adaptation that Toriyama had to make. This is because this warrior's sketch originally lacked any indication of his personality. So Toei Company suggested converting him into a more talkative character, to which Akira replied by saying that this character didn't speak much, so he decided to improvise about Jiren’s story.

Toppo's personality

It was because of this that the company decided to capture this idea about Toppo's character and personality.


So, this clarifies why Toppo is constantly talking and especially about justice. They even cleared up the fact that this character was a possible god of destruction candidate was something added to the manga draft by Toriyama.

Definitely, there were some changes in the creation of this last “Dragon Ball Super” saga that gave a good result in the series since Jiren with his serious and calm personality has shown to stand out in this saga.

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For now, that’s all the information I have about this anime series. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available, and tune in to the next episode of the popular anime series "Dragon Ball Super" to find out what will happen next in the Tournament of Power, see you next time.