"Fortnite's Battle Royale" is one of the most played games in the gamers community. Since the popularity of the game is increasing day by day, the makers of this sandbox survival game have decided to give some freebies to its users. Game Spot report that the team of Epic has decided to offer something extra to its Twitch Prime users. And if you're one of them, then this is a great deal, since Epic [VIDEO] has decided to offer the Instigator Pickaxe for free to its members.

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This pickaxe skin will be a part of the Twitch Prime Pack once it goes live. And for members, the pickaxe skin will be added to your game.

'Fortnite' Twitch prime pack

Not only this but Fortnite Twitch prime pack also provides exclusive paid-to-save-the-world modes for the game.

And if you're looking for an opportunity to buy the Fortnite [VIDEO]Twitch Prime Pack, then simply link your Twitch account to your Epic accounts and then click on the Prime Loot icon next to Twitch's search bar. This pack also includes emojis, two outfits for "Battle Royale," and two heroes for "Save The World." So if you have an Amazon Prime membership then this is an epic deal for you.

Meanwhile, "Fortnite's" developers, Epic, has also announced that their servers would be down today (March 29) because of some maintenance work and also because they are working on the v3.4 of the game. We exactly don't know for how long will the site be down, and the details about the update are also unknown for now. It's further said that there is some "Save the world" content in the process and a new eater-themed skin may also see the light soon.

Meanwhile, Forbes reported that "The arsenal of "Fortnite Battle Royale" continues to grow, and it seems like we're getting a major new addition as Guided Missiles are hitting the game soon."

Android and iOS version

A lot has been going on with team Epic as they're also working on their mobile Android version since at present it's only available in Beta version on iOS platform. However, the team is staunchly working on the android version as well. This too could be the reason for the team to work on the servers since they might actually be working out how to send huge numbers of mobile invitations to the users and want to be sure that their servers function well to handle the traffic. Well, all of this, including the Twitch Prime plan freebie, is surely giving the developers some more audience and gamers. We now wait to see how everything actually works for them. Stay tuned for more gaming updates.