As everyone knows by now, the premiere of episode 129 of "Dragon Ball Super" was last weekend. In this episode, we saw how the great Goku was able to achieve the perfection of Ultra Instinct or "migatte no gokui," a great power that is feared by the Gods themselves. This transformation shocked everyone, even the most powerful warrior from Universe 11, Jiren.

A detail of Episode 129 that perhaps you didn’t notice

During the last episode, we witnessed a great demonstration [VIDEO] of power by Goku and Jiren.

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So much so, that they almost completely destroyed the stage where the Tournament of Power was taking place. But, in order to watch this level of battle, the fans have had to wait a long time.

And, after the last episode, many complaints were made about how long the wait was.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed that when it comes to episodes that could be called decisive, the series’ creators usually place scenes of the other characters talking about what is happening or yelling at those who are fighting trying to motivate them. Well, much of that could be appreciated during Episode 129; Master Roshi talking about what Goku could do, Ten-shin-han answering to Master Roshi’s theory, and Krillin yelling at Kakaroto for being afraid of losing the battle.

Confidence in the team

This proves that these fallen warriors from Universe 7 might not have enough confidence in the Saiyan warrior. Something that Vegeta seems to do the opposite since we can tell he has all his confidence in his warrior friend.

So much so, that before being eliminated, the Saiyan Prince transferred what he had left of energy to Goku so he could recover quickly to try to defeat the great Jiren.

The main flaw that has been noted in this last episode is some other scenes like the ones of the Gods' enemies saying that the Saiyan doesn't have enough level to win. They've made the followers of this great saga a little annoyed because the time it takes for those scenes could have been invested in better moments [VIDEO] of action in order to increase the excitement of this culminating stage that has us all intrigued.

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