"Dragon Ball Super" has been quite engaging lately. The TV show aired its final episode in Japan and, after all the drama and hype, we also saw Super Saiyan's debut on the show which was quite enthralling for the fans. We got to see Goku's evil double, Goku Black, and his powers in the latest episodes. The latest episode took us along on Goku and Vegeta's journey with Trunks.

The new transformation

After all the drama and bit of a fighting, Vegeta was seeking an opportunity to showcase his power to Goku Black, but all his efforts went in vain since Goku Black, also known as Super Saiyan Rose, was not interested in Vegeta.

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He was waiting for an opportunity to fight with Goku.

Goku Black was also seen transforming into Super Saiyan Rose in the latest episode, by sporting pink hair and powers. This is the first time that we have witnessed this major transformation of Goku Black [VIDEO] in English dub.

For people who watch Dragon Ball Super's subbed episodes, aren't new to the transformation. But the aura and the charm of Goku Black is exciting and fans are loving the slight British accent that Goku Black is using throughout the episode.

With all these fights, fans are quite eager to see one between Super Saiyan Blue and Super Saiyan Rose. Both of them have incredible powers and will give a tough competition to each other. Besides, Episode 56 talks about Goku black's rematch. "Even though Vegeta poses a challenge, Goku Black seems bored and simply uninterested in Vegeta's efforts. He wants Goku. Whether it's to get Vegeta out of his face or to get Goku's attention, "Goku Black goes a little crazy here," reports Den of Geek.

Universe survival arc

It is worth mentioning that the "Dragon Ball Super" Universe Survival arc has recently ended with Episode 131, which was called, "The Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell, Goku! Until We Meet Again!." Meanwhile, Episode 130 was titled "The Greatest Showdown of All Time! The Ultimate Survival Battle!!." In the final battle of Tournament of Power, Universe 7 turns out to be the winner.

Freeza [VIDEO], Goku and Android 17 team up against Jiren and successfully defeated him. Okaukart reported that "Ultimately, Jiren was subdued, but Goku and Freeza both got eliminated in the process. 17 was the only one who was able to survive, and thus he won the Tournament of Power." Now every "DBS" fan is asking when the show will return again. According to Geek, "While a Dragon Ball Super film is coming to Japan these December, Toei Animation hasn’t given any word whether or not the show will return to the air."