Dragon Ball Super” will end in a couple of episodes with Goku and Jiren finishing their final battle. This weekend, the fans have tasted the atmosphere on the battlefield, but a recent update has made a part of the audience a little worried.

What happened to Frieza

At this moment, the “Dragon Ball” fans are very confused about Frieza. This character may be a villain, with a heart of stone, but he’s part of Universe 7's team in the Tournament of Power.

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The audience might not like him, but they need to be worried about Frieza because his fate is linked directly to Goku [VIDEO] and his partners. So, the fans want to know where the villain is right now.

On Twitter, many fans shared their worries about the disappearance of the Evil Emperor. The audience will remember that this character has disappeared from several episodes. The Emperor was last seen teaming up with C-17 to fight against Jiren. Shortly before C-17 sacrificed his life to save Vegeta and Goku, Frieza tried to score a stealth attack. The villain tried to surprise Jiren with an attack, but the warrior from Universe 11 repelled the attack with little effort.

Frieza vs Jiren

Some fans have thought that Frieza could’ve been eliminated thanks to that, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Zeno Sama didn’t announce Frieza’s elimination from the Tournament of Power and didn’t eliminate him from his GodPad. Nothing has been said about the Evil Emperor ever since he was beaten up for Jiren, but there could be a simple explanation for this.

With Goku and Jiren fighting at full speed, the fans think that the two of them could eliminate each other. Therefore, the fates of those universes would be suspended, but the winner’s dilemma could be solved [VIDEO], at this point, by Frieza. If the villain has been knocked down, but is still on the battlefield or has chosen to hide, Frieza could be proclaimed the winner of the tournament. His survival would ensure Universe 7's victory, but his access to the Super Dragon Balls certainly could cause great problems for Goku and his teammates.

At this moment, the fans can only speculate about Frieza because nothing specific has been said about him. There’s a chance that the villain has simply been erased and that Toei Animation doesn't refer to him in order to avoid confusion. Don’t forget to leave your comments and theories below. Why do you think the Evil Emporer remains hidden after having exhausted his energies trying to defeat Jiren?