"Dragon Ball Super" is just a few hours away from its ending. It is surely going to be difficult for the fans to accept the anime show is bidding goodbye. It was started in 2015, which retells the events of the last two "Dragon Ball Z" films, "Battle of Gods" and "Resurrection 'F.'"

The TV series has been an instant hit for the makers. Meanwhile, fans are worried regarding the return of next installment of the Universe Survival arc. However, the makers have already confirmed that the show is ending for the time being only and not permanently.

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Recently, even Akira Toriyama hinted that the next installment might return in future. But the biggest question is when?

The new movie

TOEI, as most of the fans already know is releasing new "Dragon Ball [VIDEO]movie on December 13.

The film will focus on the origins of Saiyans. The official poster and the trailer for the film are already out with mysterious villain. The work on the script and the characters are done by Akira Toriyama, directed by Nagamine Tatsuya. The film was earlier announced in December last year. According to Okatumode, "The movie is expected to delve into some as yet untold aspects of the franchise, such as the mysterious Saiyan enemy featured in the trailer."

The return of 'Dragon Ball Super'

Reports suggest that "Gegege No Kitaro’s" new anime will Run for more than fifty episodes in the timeslot that "DBS" has right now. For those who don't know, "a 50+ episode order is usually given to big titles with non-seasonal schedules," reports ComicBook. The new anime will air year-round barring the occasional break, and if it runs at least a year on Fuji TV, then the "Dragon Ball Super" next installment might come in April or May at the soonest.

Talking about the Episode 131, it is titled as "The Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell, Goku! Until We Meet Again!." The most anticipated episode of "Dragon Ball Super" will feature the tournament's biggest battle.

"Dragon Ball Super'"cast and crew members recently revealed that the finale is going to have one hell of a fight between Freeza and Jiren," reports ComicBook. Reports further suggest that Goku may end up being MVP. The win of Universe 7 is almost looking certain. It means Universe 6 might be resurrected using Dragon Balls. Vegeta [VIDEO] has earlier promised to revive U6 in case U7 wins the ToP. Meanwhile, the last chapter was named as "The Greatest Showdown of All Time! The Ultimate Survival Battle!!." Stay tuned for more updates.