The Universe Survival Arc of “Dragon Ball Super” is two episodes away from its imminent end. On Sunday (March 4), the team behind the successful anime series officially aired the 129th episode. As expected, Toei Animation gives the fans another explosive episode. Son Goku is shown achieving the true Ultra Instinct form. Jiren the Gray is featured fighting fiercely against his opponent, despite his powerful form. Interestingly, there are several details that were revealed in the most recent episode.

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This includes the team leader of the Pride Troopers, Toppo, revealing one of the strategies of Universe 11’s ace fighter.

Jiren’s tactics

Jiren the Gray is the overpowered fighter in the Tournament of Power of “Dragon Ball Super.” Since he was introduced, it appears that no ordinary fighter was skilled enough to take him down.

The strongest Pride Trooper is the lone survivor of Universe 11 and their God of Destruction, Belmod [VIDEO], believes that he will be the winner in the hotly contested tournament. Many fans are still baffled by his power and his power level. Until now, Jiren the Gray remains one of the most mysterious fighters in the Tournament of Power. Despite his opponents breaking through their limits and ascending to higher power levels, the strongest Pride Trooper remains unshaken and undisturbed. He seems to have known the next move of his opponent.

Interestingly, in Episode 129, Toppo revealed the reason for Jiren’s unfathomable strategy. When Son Goku fired his ace-in-the-hole attack, Kamehameha, Jiren the Gray was able to withstand it. Several fighters from Universe 7 were baffled as to how he was able to survive the powerful attack that knocked out Universe 6’s Kefla.

Toppo, in the bleachers’ seat, said that Jiren the Gray has already seen through this attack. In fact, this move from the fan-favorite Saiyan was previously shown in the previous episodes when he ringed out the ace fighter from Champa’s universe. This means that all throughout the tournament, the strongest Pride Trooper is studying his opponents. This includes learning their attacks and seeing through their powers.

Other details

This explains how Jiren the Gray was able to survive Son Goku’s powerful attack. In other words, he has seen this already and has prepared for what move to execute if ever his opponent fires the same. This only shows that the strongest Pride Trooper, aside from being overpowered, is also a smart fighter [VIDEO] who learns and studies his opponent’s moves. Meanwhile, Episode 130 of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on March 18. The anime will go on a hiatus on Sunday (March 4) and will resume its regular airing a week after.