If you're a "Dragon Ball Super" fan, there are many battles that you likely wanted to see in the Tournament of Power right before it started. And now that the Univeral Survival arc is near its end, almost none of those battles happened. I was actually rooting for the long-awaited Hit and Vegeta rematch. Here's a list of the top 10 battles that did not happen in the Tournament of Power.

Top 10 battles that never happened

10. Majin Buu vs. anyone in the Tournament of Power: This was never possible because Majin Buu failed to participate in the tournament.


I would really like to see him try to make a chocolate out of Jiren.

9. Cabba / Kale / Caulifla vs. Gohan: For some reason, these fights were expected before to gauge the real power difference between Universe 7 and Universe 6 Saiyans.

8. Jiren vs. Ribrianne: Back then, many did not care how Ribrianne would get eliminated. It would have been a great scene if we saw the strongest character punch the heck out of the most annoying character.

7. Gohan vs. God of Destruction Toppo: Toppo's power increased during his fight against Android 17 and Frieza.

However, we did not see Gohan fighting against this God of Destruction. The main core of this battle would've revolved around justice. Gohan never sought strength by casting aside anyone. And besides that, this battle would've gauged the real power level of Gohan at the time.

6. Frieza vs. Katopesla: Since their first encounter, many speculated in terms of how this battle would turn out. Unfortunately, Frieza is not a good sport and never even bothered looking at the warrior.

More battles

5. Cabba vs.


Toppo: This fight was previewed before, but the promising battle went from hot to cold after it was teased and then forgotten.

4. Hit vs. Goku: They had unexpected teamwork against Dyspo and Kunshi, but what fans were really dying to see was a rematch. But with Goku reaching Mastered Ultra Instinct, there is no doubt that Hit might reconsider before entering into a fight against the Universe 7 Saiyan.

3. Cabba vs. Vegeta: A battle between the master and the student was teased...and then forgotten.

Vegeta will probably never enjoy eliminating his own student.

2. Gogeta Blue vs. Jiren: SSGSSE Vegeta and SSBKKx20 Goku were not enough to defeat Jiren. But what if they fused and became Evolved Super Saiyan God Kaioken x 20 Gogeta? Now that would be an awesome battle.

1. Hit vs. Vegeta: This battle would be the most hyped battle that never happened. The show was building up to this matchup early, but for some reason, it never happened. This might be one of the reasons why Vegeta is determined to revive Universe 6.


He still has to beat the heck out of Hit before he can have peace of mind.