The 129th episode of “Dragon Ball Super” was action-packed and full of surprises. Just when Goku’s ultra instinct defense mode was about to lose to Jiren’s full-powered attacks, his power level rose even higher and started to launch attacks unconsciously. At that point, the Gods of Destructions stood up. Did they stand up because they are expressing their admiration to Goku who finally mastered Ultra Instinct that they cannot even reach? Or did they stand up because they will now witness how strong Goku’s mastered UI is against the strongest fighter in the whole creation?

A closer look at full-powered Ultra Instinct

The hierarchy in “Dragon Ball Super” is quite simple compared to “Dragon Ball Z.” In "DBS," the Gods of Creation are lower compared to the Gods of Destruction and the Angels.


The Angels stand below the Gods of Destruction. Although it was established in “Dragon Ball: Battle of Gods” that the Angels are stronger than the Gods of Destruction, they are simply the Gods’ assistants and teachers.

If we are going to take a closer look, the Angels have silver hair and silver eyes. The Grand Priest, the father of all Angels, also bears the same physical features. They are also quite knowledgeable about Ultra Instinct compared to the Gods themselves. As a matter of fact, it was mentioned by Whis before, that not even Beerus and the other Gods of Destruction have mastered the Ultra Instinct.

But with the way Goku exhibited his Ultra Instinct amazed the Gods in the 129th episode, we can safely assume that Goku has reached the level of Gods and Angels.

Another thing that will support this claim is how Whis was able to tell whether Goku has mastered UI or not. Only those who have mastered UI can tell if a person has achieved it or not, right? When Beerus asked Whis if Goku has indeed achieved complete UI, Whis was able to confirm it without hesitation. This is a testament to the Angels’ knowledge and experience regarding UI.


But what about the angel Marcarita?

How was Universe 11’s Angel Marcarita not able to predict Goku mastering UI in the first place? One can argue that Universe 11’s Angel is simply biased toward her home universe. Also, it can be noted that while the Angels may be stronger than the Gods of Destruction that they serve, they still have unique traits and personalities. One can also argue that they have different power levels compared to one another. Marcarita was not able to tell her master Belmod that Goku is going to master Ultra Instinct because she was not concerned in the first place, as the whole Universe 11 team believes that Jiren is still stronger compared to Goku.

with or without his UI.