"Dragon Ball Super" Universe Survival arc is one of the biggest fighting competition we've seen in the series and it is as exciting as it looks, but all this is because of the efforts put behind the show that makes it look this great!. Now, when we think about Universe Survival arc, we find it the best and ultimate but seems like writer Akira Toriyama's actual plans are quite different from what's going on at present in the current arc. Meanwhile, the synopsis has confirmed a shocking elimination.

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Notably, the tournament has only a few minutes left, and Frieza, Goku, and Jiren are the only remaining warriors. If reports are to be believed, one of them will be eliminated in the upcoming episode.

Future of 'Dragon Ball Super'

Before talking about the elimination, let's talk about the future of "DBS." Recently, the makers have confirmed that the anime TV series is ending for the time being and not permanently. However, they have not confirmed when the next season will return. Notably, TOEI has also confirmed that a new "Dragon Ball" movie is coming in December 2018. The film will be based on Saiyan's history. Akira Toriyama [VIDEO] has written the script of the film. The makers have also revealed the poster of the movie featuring Goku.

Well, Director Ryota Nakamura and producer Satoru Takami were recently interviewed about the series and were asked a few questions on the same, however, the most interesting part of the interview is when they revealed how Toriyama had eventually planned the Tournament of Power.

The elimination

Coming back to the elimination, according to ComicBook, the "final elimination in the Tournament of Power will be... Goku!" One can easily say that it is perhaps the biggest elimination in the tournament as Goku is the most loved character of the show. With all this, the ending of the current "Dragon Ball Super" will definitely leave us wanting for more or it might actually be a set up for the next arc. It is also reported that Freeza will play the lead role after the current arc and we're really looking forward to seeing what writer Toriyama [VIDEO] has planned for his next series.

The finale will be divided into two parts, Episode 130 and 131. Episode 131 is titled “A Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell Goku! Until the Day We Meet Again!!,” whereas Chapter 130 is named as "The Greatest Showdown of All Time! The Ultimate Survival Battle!!." Episode 130 will feature Goku in mastered Ultra Instinct form. Stay tuned for more updates.