"Dragon Ball Super" has reached its climax. The TV series has been running since mid-2015 and gained huge popularity. We know that the show will end on March 25 with the episode 131. The tournament of Power has currently two minutes left as Frieza, Goku and Jiren are the only warriors left in it. It is worth mentioning that in the previous episode, Vegeta got eliminated by Jiren, who is said to be the biggest contender to win the tournament. However, one cannot certainly say that who will win the tournament, but recent reports might have just spoilt the ending of the show.

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The show has given a lot of surprises to its fans, and the same is expected in the upcoming episodes.

Episode 129 spoilers

Before moving to the alleged winner, let's talk about Episode 129, which is scheduled to air on March 4.

The Chapter is titled, "Limits Super Surpassed! Ultra Instinct Mastered!!." Many fans already know that Goku will achieve his mastered Ultra Instinct form in this part of the show. This has made Jiren [VIDEO] happy as in one picture of Episode 129, he can be seen smiling. The Universe 11 warrior is happy as he found someone, who is as powerful as him. In the earlier battle in the tournament between these two fighters, Goku was defeated by Jiren. The upcoming battle is expected to be the last one of the tournament. According to ComicBook, spoilers says "His body responds to every attack on its own and counterattacks!! The time has come to unveil the completed form of Ultra Instinct!! Expect great things from this, the strongest Son Goku in history!!".

The winner revealed?

According to Okatukart, the information from Episode 130 was leaked from IMDB site metadata.

A screen-shot shows big information on what’s going to happen in Episode 130. The reports say that Goku [VIDEO] has defeated Jiren as he allows Vegeta to use Dragon Balls to resurrect Universe 6. Episode 130 of "Dragon Ball Super" is titled “An Unprecedented Super Showdown.

It is worth mentioning that Vegeta has earlier promised Cabba to revive Universe 11 if U7 wins the tournament. Cabba's presence was earlier hinted by the picture posted on the internet by a voice actor of the show after completing the voice recording of the last episode. A picture shows Voice of Cabba and Voice of Vados. According to Omnitos, "Generally, voice actors are needed only go to recording, this clarifies that Voice of Cabba and Vados were involved in that last recording." Stay tuned for more news and updated on the show.