"Dragon Ball Super's" final episode will be on March 25th. As we already know, the finale will be divided into two episodes: Episode 130 and Episode 131 respectively. The show has been in the news from quite a while now, and the writer of the show Akira Toriyama has even said in an interview that the show will continue and there might be a new universal arc story this time. The next Episode is titled as "The Greatest Showdown of All Time! The Ultimate Survival Battle!!." Chapter 130 will release on March 18.

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Well, all this sounds interesting, but fans are intrigued to watch the final episode of the show. As we know by now, Freeza is going to make a comeback and is likely to win the whole thing.

Now to excite you, even more, the spoilers for Episode 131 [VIDEO]are out, and they're not what you think.

Goku and Jiren unhappy

The final note of "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 131 has gained most of the attention, and several translations reveal that some sort of extra special wish will be granted to whoever wins the tournament of Power. Meanwhile, If spoilers are true, the remaining Universe 7 and Universe 11 warriors are not happy with Zenos. According to Comicbook, Goku and Jiren are no longer satisfied with the prospect of a technical victory - they want one fighter to fall, and Zenos [VIDEO] may end up agreeing.

With all the leaks going viral online, fans are staying quiet for the most part, keen on watching how the finale will end. The Tournament of Power has been filled with non-stop action, and we have seen dozens of top warriors fighting battles.

We also saw several characters fighting for the survival of their universe. But every one of them have had some fresh bonus added to reach towards the finale. And after all the fights that we have seen, we are finally left with three, and the honor of winning a bonus will either go to Goku, Freeza, or Jiren - and fans think they know who will get the items.

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Thanks to all the leaks and released blurbs, we know that Jiren poses the biggest threat to Goku and will successfully knock him out of the ring. However, there will be a massive twist in the tale when fans will see Freeza make a sudden comeback.

If the fighter from Universe 7 manages to knock Jiren out, he will resurrect himself. With all the excitement building up for the final episode of "Dragon Ball Super," who do you think will finally make it? Are you expecting any types of twists in the series as the Tournament winds down?