The Tournament of Power in "Dragon Ball Super" is just a week away. On March 25, the hotly contested competition joined in by powerful fighters from several universes with low mortal levels is finally ending. The penultimate episode, which aired last March 18, was an explosive array of revelations and surprises. While eyes bulged and jaws dropped last Sunday, it appears that Toei Animation is not yet done with another explosive surprise. Fans are now speculating on what could be the Ace in the Hole that Son Goku is talking about in the finale's episode preview.

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Trump card

If you think that Episode 130 of "Dragon Ball Super" has turned your world upside down, well think again. It seems that the team behind the successful anime series is not yet done.

In the most recent reel released for the ultimate episode of the Universe Survival Arc, Son Goku hints that Universe 7 has something under its sleeve. Right now the 30-second preview is the favorite subject in the fandom as fans speculate about Son Goku's statement. There are several fans who claim that the fan-favorite Saiyan is going to make a massive Genki-Dama that will send Jiren the Gray off the arena. According to these fans, this time it would be more powerful and effective. One of the reasons is that the spectators' bench is now filled with warriors whose 100% health were regenerated by the Senzu Beans [VIDEO]. Second, this time Son Goku, after having mastered the Ultra-Instinct form and have tried firing the Spirit Bomb to Jiren once knows how to effectively release this powerful attack.

Another reason is that by this time the strongest Pride Trooper is already losing his stamina from the fierce battle with the Saiyan. It is possible that despite his power, he has used up some of his stored strength.

Why the Genki-Dama?

In the history of the popular franchise, the Spirit Bomb or the Genki-Dama played a very important role. Son Goku used it to defeat the supervillain from hell Frieza. It was also instrumental in overpowering the strong and glutton villain Majin Buu. It is just understandable that the fandom would consider the Spirit Bomb as the trump card of Universe 7, especially of Son Goku. While this speculation bears so much weight, it is safe to assume that there could be something new that Toei Animation [VIDEO] would like to show to the fans. It could be a new technique that the fan-favorite Saiyan learned from his training with Whis or from his fight with Beerus. At this point, to conclude about the things that will happen in the series is complete foolishness.

Episode 131 of "Dragon Ball Super" is titled "Miraculous Ending, Goku, Until The Day We Meet Again." Who will win in the Tournament of Power? Who will be the MVP? What will be the MVP's wish?