Dragon Ball Super” has been surprising its massive fandom since the start of the Tournament of Power. Even though the popular anime is on its last two episodes, fans are still left in shock at the end of every one. Despite spoilers and leaks, the team behind the popular anime series has managed to keep most of the details about its upcoming episode mysterious. With the latest information recently revealed, fans will finally find out if all of the speculations were accurate by the very last episode of the anime series.


Latest news

On the popular networking site Twitter, anime content creator and translator Herms shared the latest issue of Animedia. The Japanese anime news network recently released its issue for April 2018. The latest edition features Son Goku, Jiren the Gray and everything relating to the next “Dragon Ball Super.” According to Herms, the title for Episode 131, of the anime, originally means s specific thing in Japanese. The Japanese characters 決着 or ketchaku are used all through the anime series to denote the conclusion of the battle or fight.

Herms believes that the term miracle in the title refers to how the match in the Tournament of Power will end. This means that the hotly contested tournament will not wrap up until the very last episode. While many fans are expecting that the penultimate episode might give them the much-awaited result of the fight between Son Goku and Jiren the Gray, it appears that it is not going to be the case.

Other spoilers

Aside from this information, Animedia’s April 2018 issue also shares the current state of the supervillain from Hell — Frieza.


Many fans have been speculating that the villain has a dark plan for the Tournament of Power and is just hiding to save his energy. Some others believe that he was damaged by the massive power produced by the clash between Son Goku and Jiren, and is already dead. According to Animedia, Frieza is buried in the rubble and is no longer in the best condition to fight. In fact, he is described as not even capable of fighting. Will he be able to recharge and execute his plan in the upcoming episodes of the popular anime series? Will fans see him fall down along with the rubble of the collapsing arena in the World of the Void?

For now, fans have to wait, while the upcoming episodes of “Dragon Ball Super” unfold, to verify the answers to their questions.

Episode 130 is titled “An Unprecedented Super Showdown, The Ultimate Survival Battle.” It is slated to air on March 18.