The tournament of power has ended and Universe 7 has become a champion thanks to Goku and Frieza throwing Jiren off the platform. After this, Android 17 stayed in the arena of the World of Void, thus achieving victory in the tournament.

The warriors from Universe 7 have shined in this tournament held by the King of All. Even warriors who looked like fillers have shone, surprising the fans with their great skills, techniques, and powers. Below we reveal the power levels of the warriors from Universe 7.


Warriors from Universe 7

  • Master Roshi: Goku and Krilin's master was incredible at the tournament, showing special skills and techniques that helped him defeat many enemies. The power level of Master Rochi is inferior to Goku's base state, but his advantageous techniques and experience helped him in the battles.

  • Krilin: Goku’s best friend, Krilin, has a power inferior to that of Goku in the base state, but he’s the strongest of the earthlings. Unfortunately, he was eliminated from the back and foolishly fell off the platform. Yet, his strategies were amazing.

  • Tenshinham: the triclop had a regular tournament, and he was eliminated by Harmira from Universe 2. Tenshinham’s power is greater than Kamme Sennin's but inferior to Krilin's.

  • Android 18: Krilin’s wife had an excellent tournament, being eliminated in the battle against Universe 3. Android 18’s power is estimated to be similar to that of Goku in the Cell games. Roughly as the ultimate Super Saiyan power.

  • Picollo: The super Namekian warrior from Universe 7 surprised us with his powers during the training with Gohan. Picollo’s power is similar to that of Gohan’s Super Saiyan 2. Gohan is thought to be a bit stronger, but Picollo defeated him because of his combat experience.

  • Android 17: The champion of the Tournament of Power, Android 17, has a power that is just amazing. His strength is comparable to that of the Super Saiyan God. However, in his fight against Goku, this warrior's strength was distorted and he is believed to be just as strong as the SSJ Blue, which is a mistake.

  • Gohan: The leader of the universe 7, Gohan, has strength similar to that of the Android 17. His power would rival the Super Saiyan God, but it is below the power of the Super Saiyan Blue.

  • Frieza: The Emperor of the universe has a greater power than Super Saiyan Blue and, unlike his first combat with Goku; his strength is stable thanks to the mental training he achieved in hell.

The 2 Saiyans

Goku and Vegeta’s powers are amazing and evolved throughout the tournament. Vegeta obtained a power beyond the Super Saiyan Blue, attaining the Super Saiyan Blue evolution.


However, Goku mastered the Ultra Instinct, surpassing that power. Yet, Vegeta is consecrated as the most powerful warrior of the power tournament as they have decided to eliminate the Ultra Instinct from Goku's life.

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